The most effective workout on the treadmill
  Workout on a treadmill, like any sphere in our life begins with purpose. Without it, I advise you not to even start, because you will very quickly drop classes…

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Suit for fitness classes price
  Getting around the sports complex for easy access, wearing a light raincoat fabrics. If you have the desire to lose a couple extra pounds with the help of the…

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Our recommendations Fitness treadmill


How to choose a treadmill?

For a correct choice it is necessary to understand what a treadmill is more suitable for your workouts.

Each treadmill is designed to offer ease of use in a wide range of speed through structural elements such as a moving canvas, the power of the engine. This directly affects the size of the track and its price.

What track is perfect for your workouts

The choice of your treadmill should correspond primarily targets your workouts: you practice a simple walk? Active walk? Jogging? Running? The combination of different types? For a correct choice it is necessary to understand what a treadmill is more suitable for your workouts.

From 1 to 8 km / hour, you gain experience in your walking workouts (from “slow” to “sports” walk). As of 8 km / hour, your practice goes to Jogging and then to running.

Path to walk more compact than a treadmill.

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All about slide aerobics. Slide aerobics

Slide aerobics is one of the types of force aerobic exercise program on a special track-slide, designed to strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, major muscles of the body and joints. Slide aerobics emerged relatively recently – in 1993.

Characterized by its difference from other types of aerobics is to use lateral movement. If a regular aerobics and step are actively using only the linear (forward-backward) and vertical (up-down) movement, the slide uses lateral movement, which is key in training abductor muscle groups in the thighs (outer and inner thighs). Slide training is also one of the main types of load involving enormous burning calories because of the

specificity and unusual movements.

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Manual to the treadmill for dog


This statement is very General for all types of treadmills (intended for people) and supplemented with new paragraphs on use case

for training dogs.


Before proceeding to the exercises, consult your doctor.

Important precautions when using a treadmill

Do not practice on a treadmill without reading and instruction.

Before each workout, check to be sure they are tight the bolts and nuts of the treadmill.

For safety reasons, keep to the simulator young children.

Do not allow them to practice without supervision.

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