General information on pregnancy, healthy eating and physical activity for pregnant women, arr
  Lifestyle during pregnancy You are pregnant! It really is the happiest period in Your life. What needs to change in your life, so as not to harm the baby,…

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Genetic markers for resistance athletes to physical loads
  1. State scientific institution "Institute of genetics and Cytology of NAS of Belarus"; 2. RSPC "Mother and child" MOH; 3. Si "Republican centre of sports medicine," the MCIT Republic…

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Yoga for weight loss where to start and how to do it


The effectiveness of yoga for weight loss is vital for many — and for those who are going to go to my first practice, and for those who are already practicing yoga or other physical activity. Though rare, the instructor will give a definite answer to this question, because the influence of yoga on the body depends not only on the perfect execution of the asanas, but also on many other factors — correctly chosen direction, power, instructor, breathing exercises and so on.

About what yoga is, how it is treated and what to consider when organizing

your lessons, Aephi told professional teacher of Kundalini yoga Irene Nelson .

Milici Maya, Aephi: Can yoga help to lose weight?

Irene Nelson . Yes, of course. But before you choose this method of solving problems with excess weight, we need to understand what yoga is. Yoga — is a system of self-discovery. Types of yoga huge amount. If you want to lose weight Continue reading

Muscle recovery after training methods and tips


When people engaged in weight loads, the muscles get a minor injury. To restore them, on average, need 24 to 48 hours. Therefore, experienced athletes are recommended to train at least every other day. Because of frequent workouts, your body does not have time to recover and because of this man for a long time can not achieve the desired result. After the first workout, you need to wait until the muscles have recovered completely and only then proceed to the next load.

When a person 19-26 years and he leads a healthy lifestyle, not drinking

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Breathing exercises bodyflex. How to lose weight on the program bodyflex. Limitations to practice and


What is the bodyflex

Bodyflex is a special breathing exercises. Its author is an American Greer Childers. This gymnastics has become very popular in the USA and Europe. Now she has appeared in Russia.

Bodyflex combines special anaerobic respiration and isometric, isotonic,

and stretching postures. The exercises of this program aimed at enriching the blood with oxygen. In addition, the exercises effectively helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles. During the lessons there is a kind of massage of the abdominal organs. It helps to cure constipation and other intestinal problems.

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