Physical and gymnastic exercises for varicose veins
  Many women have this problem as varicose veins in the legs. Before you start training you should know about the problems of varicose veins and whether you need to…

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Morning exercise is the basis of a healthy lifestyle!
  If you offer to any person to list the components of a healthy lifestyle, morning exercises, for sure, will be in the top three!… If you ask any person…

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Losing weight on a treadmill – reviews, calories


As a means for weight loss many people choose running. It not only helps you shed pounds, but also has a restorative effect on the body, strengthens the cardiovascular system and lungs, increases stamina, improves metabolism. However, not all and not always get to run in the Park or at the stadium – in the winter especially not run, and the matching Jogging paths nearby may not be. Treadmill – a great replacement for running on the street. We will tell you about how to set up your weight loss on a treadmill.

Use treadmill for weight loss, as with any aerobic activities (practice-related palpitations), is effective for a sufficient duration of training not less than 20 minutes. The optimal workout time – 40 minutes or even an hour. During this time, you will burn 300 to 700 calories on the treadmill. Such training can lead to intense burning of calories, but it is better to combine them with other types of load – for example, with strength training to not only lose Continue reading

Cross-country skiing classic fitness


Cross-country skiing belongs to cyclic sports. This means that the skier repeatedly repeats the same motion, and his body is functioning with sufficient supply of oxygen, in aerobic mode. This cardio workout — the best way to burn calories, cardiovascular system, lungs, spine, as well as keeping yourself in great shape.

The desired effect in this case gives a high intensity of physical exercise and its duration. When walking on skis work all major muscle groups. Unlike running, there are no shock loads on the joints of the

feet, allowing you to enjoy skiing even for those who have problems with joints. A wide range of loads allows precise dosing of physical activity, which means that the skis — the best sports for people with overweight and poor health. Moreover, a long ski trips relaxing effect on the nervous Continue reading

Elliptical trainer for home, compare ellipsoid with a treadmill


In recent years a growing percentage of the population moving to home fitness. Basically, the choice falls on the cardio machines, as they help not only lose weight but also to maintain health, to bring the body to tone. The most popular fitness equipment – treadmill and elliptical trainer for the home.

What is better an elliptical trainer or treadmill? What to choose? Such questions rarely suffers from buyers of cardio equipment for the home. Because you want to buy the best and most useful training device. And if

the treadmill you can find a lot of information, then an elliptical trainer for many still remains a mystery. Therefore, it is an elliptical trainer and will be now considered.

Elliptical trainer or, as it is called, ellipsoid emits skiing, even with special handrails designed for hands that play the role of ski poles. Continue reading