Correct attire for the hunter and fisherman
To prepare for the hunting season or fishing have long before it will open. Not the last place in this case is the choice of clothes and shoes. Because there…

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Stretching for runners - protection from injury
  About the need to stretch after running and exercise is known to everyone. But stretch is helpful and during exercise. Just a minute pause and a few stretching exercises…

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Yoga for weight loss where to start and how to do it


The effectiveness of yoga for weight loss is vital for many — and for those who are going to go to my first practice, and for those who are already practicing yoga or other physical activity. Though rare, the instructor will give a definite answer to this question, because the influence of yoga on the body depends not only on the perfect execution of the asanas, but also on many other factors — correctly chosen direction, power, instructor, breathing exercises and so on.

About what yoga is, how it is treated and what to consider when organizing

your lessons, Aephi told professional teacher of Kundalini yoga Irene Nelson .

Milici Maya, Aephi: Can yoga help to lose weight?

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Genetic markers for resistance athletes to physical loads


1. State scientific institution “Institute of genetics and Cytology of NAS of Belarus”; 2. RSPC “Mother and child” MOH; 3. Si “Republican centre of sports medicine,” the MCIT Republic of Belarus; 4. The Ministry of sport and tourism of the Republic of Belarus


The body’s response to physical activity is of particular importance for the organization of training process and competition practice of sportsmen of high qualification. Installed hereditary factors, providing quick and adequate responses to physical activity. Hypoxia is one of the leading factors limiting athletic performance in almost all cyclical and in most Continue reading

Physical and gymnastic exercises for varicose veins


Many women have this problem as varicose veins in the legs. Before you start training you should know about the problems of varicose veins and whether you need to train.

Congenital . can look at my grandma, mom, if they have varicose veins, you should understand that it is likely that you will have varicose veins, sooner or later it will appear. Therefore, it is necessary to do from it prevention, gymnastic exercises, gymnastics.

If you purchased varicose veins, mostly in people who exercise, hard work, or standing, almost motionless. For example a teacher who teaches a standing position, the entire load in this case is being on your feet and over time they begin to hurt.

Varicose veins may be congenital or acquired.

When standing work simple exercises for legs with varicose veins.

Exercise for legs — from heel to toe.

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