Nordic walking
Then one day, while strolling in the Park in summer "Olympic" near Voronezh, I noticed a group of people of different ages who moved together as skiers with poles in…

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Cross-country skiing classic fitness
  Cross-country skiing belongs to cyclic sports. This means that the skier repeatedly repeats the same motion, and his body is functioning with sufficient supply of oxygen, in aerobic mode.…

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18 ways to ease tooth pain crying, sex, physical activity, aspirin, rinse, whiskey


Toothache is a lot of anxiety. It hurts when you smile or frown, eat or drink when you squeeze or release the jaws when you move your head in any direction. Sometimes it hurts, even when you breathe, because the cold air rushes into the mouth and passes over the sensitive tooth.

Toothache can be a symptom of several diseases, says the dentist Philip D. corn from Philadelphia. The pulp (“nerve”) of your tooth or gums around sensitive canines can be infected. It may be rotting molar tooth, it could

be a cracked tooth. Or you may smell from the mouth. But the pain may just be due to irritation from a piece of food stuck between teeth, ” adds Jerry F. Taintor, a dentist from the University of Tennessee. Or it could be a negative consequence of inflammation of the nasal sinuses.

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Manual to the treadmill for dog


This statement is very General for all types of treadmills (intended for people) and supplemented with new paragraphs on use case

for training dogs.


Before proceeding to the exercises, consult your doctor.

Important precautions when using a treadmill

Do not practice on a treadmill without reading and instruction.

Before each workout, check to be sure they are tight the bolts and nuts of the treadmill.

For safety reasons, keep to the simulator young children.

Do not allow them to practice without supervision.

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Stretching for runners – protection from injury


About the need to stretch after running and exercise is known to everyone. But stretch is helpful and during exercise. Just a minute pause and a few stretching exercises will help to avoid fatigue and oppression of the muscles to improve health.

Stretching for runners

Their experience of effective stretching shares known sports editor of the online magazine, fitness instructor, runner and triathlete Alice Palmer.

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