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  Getting around the sports complex for easy access, wearing a light raincoat fabrics. If you have the desire to lose a couple extra pounds with the help of the…

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Cross-country skiing classic fitness
  Cross-country skiing belongs to cyclic sports. This means that the skier repeatedly repeats the same motion, and his body is functioning with sufficient supply of oxygen, in aerobic mode.…

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Remember the Finnish brand clothes and shoes

How to choose a Finnish clothing and shoes?

The main principles of the Finnish way of life – convenience and practicality. Clothing and footwear, manufactured in Finland, comfortable, high quality, long years faithfully serve their masters.

Finnish designers are experimenting with styles, use in their models the latest materials. Many appreciated the special water-repellent impregnation of clothing, clothing from a special membrane fabric, thermal underwear, jacket light seals, “bamboo” of linen.

To care for Finnish clothing is easy – sometimes you just need to wipe the clothes or shoes with a special brush or a damp cloth, almost all clothing carries great wash, dries quickly and needs no Ironing.

Top 5 Finnish brands

Often the first response to the company’s products Marimekko is a surprise. Some people think they are designer prints “wild” and tasteless. But the Finns safely compensate for restraint and severity of Finnish nature original, and bright combinations in clothing. Curtains, tablecloths, napkins, towels, linens and decor items from the company Marimekko juicy strokes of rich color decorate the interior Finnish apartments, often decorated in the style of Scandinavian minimalism.

Children’s clothing, shoes, accessories from the company Reima long been a dream for parents and children. In the past heavy and scratchy winter clothes, get wet in the snow. A wide range, striking design, eco-materials, multi-functionality and practicality – that’s what impresses parents who care about the health of the child and children, and because they both want to enjoy an active walk without fear of getting dirty or wet.

Luhta and Joutsen

Sports collection companies are forced to reach for a wallet, even those who are indifferent to the sport. Skiing, skating and Jogging have long since become permanent buyers in the shops and departments, where the products of firms Luhta and Joutsen. The collection of urban clothing from these firms meet the needs of the most discerning fashionistas, in addition to high quality and differing elegance and comfort.

Textile products and high-quality linens from companies Luhta and Joutsen is known throughout the world and remain popular for a long time. In an exclusive blankets from the company Joutsen as eiderdown filler used. Collect fluff in the nest after the Chicks leave them, replacing mild baby down on the adult plumage. Collection and processing of this material for the filler – lesson time-consuming and costly, which can not affect the price. But if you want to watch nice dreams, curled under surprisingly light and incredibly warm blanket, I recall that the high quality justifies the high price.

One well-known Finnish brands of sportswear named after the highest point of Finland – the hills Halti. The Halti clothing from durable, lightweight, protects from wind, rain and snow. Isn’t it a dream of a person leading an active lifestyle and impervious to daily Jogging, regardless of the vagaries of the weather? In addition to convenience and comfort, the sports clothing company Halti will delight you with original cut and attractive styles.

In the off-season rates drop significantly happen and out-of-season closeouts: closeout collections of past years, selling on the occasion of the relocation or closing of store, special offers on a number of products.

All famous brand ECCO . widely represented in Russia. However, this Danish Shoe brand ’s Ecco” was founded in the sixties of the last century by Charles Tasbi in the city Bredebro. In stores «Ecco” presents a wide range of children’s, women’s and men’s shoes

Finnish stamp is Autumn . that produces sports in winter, spring, autumn shoes and insoles. In these shoes your feet will not get tired – all in a lightweight material. Each model has a leather insert with a water-repellent effect. Interchangeable insoles allow the legs “to breathe” and not “ordinat” during wear. Kuoma shoes dries very quickly, does not absorb moisture. Those places that are usually the first to wear out when worn, prudently double stitched seam for durability.

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