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Find time for yourself (a set of exercises in the workplace)


If You notice that you gain extra pounds, deteriorated posture, often depressed mood — one — a healthy and active lifestyle. But as always, exercise is no time. But if you wish, you can find anywhere — at a bus stop, and stair transition or even at work it is possible to use every free minute for a simple set of exercises.

Such exercises will benefit not only your figure, but also productivity. Any workout should start with a warm-up. Ideal — to go up and down on two or three floors by stairs. It would be good to do it every two hours. You

immediately “Wake” sleepy from a seated position the circulatory system, and at the same time and peredohnite from the bustle of work. By the way, take breaks in the work prescribes and occupational hygiene.

And here is a set of exercises, just for the workplace. Exercises can be done, both together and separately, choosing what suits you. Best to do them every day, alternating the load on different muscle groups. After exercise, drink water and pull the worked muscles.

To the front of the thigh

Sit on the edge of your chair and place your feet together, sliding her knees together. Back should be straight. Turn right and straighten left knee, sipping a sock on. Do the exercise until, until you feel the muscles feel a slight burning. You can straighten both legs at the same time, not forgetting to keep your knees together. This exercise variant allows you to use your abdominals and back.

For the outer thigh

With fat rolls on this side of the legs we are constantly fighting! Sitting on a chair, bring your knees together. Hands grasp the chair with both sides at the level of mid-thigh. Overcoming the resistance of the hands, squeeze them, struggling straining the muscles for 5–7 seconds, then relax. Repeat this exercise at least 20 times.

For back of the thigh

Place your feet under the table at shoulder width. Do not forget to straighten your back and stretch your abdominal muscles. Alternately push the right heel and left toe to the floor, keeping the voltage at 5–7 seconds. Repeat the exercise for each leg 10 times.

For the chest muscles

Sit on the edge of a chair, straighten your back and brace both hands on the armrests of the chair so that your elbows and hands were on their outer surface. Now carefully take the elbows, trying to pull up the armrests to yourself. Make a 15–20 repetitions of this exercise, hold the tension for 5–7 seconds.

For hands

Tuck your elbows into your torso and place your palm on the countertop. In the same mode — 5–7 seconds of tension and relaxation ” attempt “to raise” table. To do this exercise you need until you feel a slight burning in the muscles.

For abdominals

While sitting, place your hands slightly behind him, palms forward. Connect the knees. On the exhale low lift bent legs, not forgetting to keep your back straight. Repeat the exercises at least 30 times.

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