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How to choose an elliptical trainer for doma


Today I want to tell you about a good alternative to the run — the ellipsoid.

Elliptical trainers or simply ellipsoids — at the moment are one of the best cardio equipment, combining the properties of treadmills, exercise bikes and Steppers. But that would not be disappointed with it, it is very important to know — how to choose an elliptical trainer for your home! For a short time after his appearance, elliptical trainers managed to quickly gain popularity. A significant plus gave the

opportunity unstressed and intense workouts cardio vascular system, joints and muscles. Functional and stylish design of elliptical trainer as well pleased with the consumer.

Elliptical trainer got its name due to the motion of the pedals on the ellipse. You can also configure certain characteristics of sports equipment by adjusting the properties of elliptical trainer.

I would like to highlight that during workouts on the elliptical trainer your feet be in the horizontal position, unlike running in the winter. thereby relieves pain in the muscles.

Using this simulator, you receive the possibility of double-action, training not only the leg muscles and heart, but also the muscles of the trunk. Especially recommended for those who have problems with overweight. This is a worthy reason to choose elliptical trainer for the home.

Circular, smooth motion of elliptical trainer makes it a unique choice for people suffering from problems in the joints and spine. But the elliptical trainer is used not only for recovery but also to improve their physical fitness.

How to choose an elliptical trainer for home

Elliptical trainer compact, most models can be folded, for easy movement around the house equipped with wheels. Typically the trainer is supplied by several programs allow you to simulate a walk in the mountains or specifically focus on the training of the heart. The simulator is built with many features displays distance, time, workload level, calories burned, rpm and many more useful information for you. Pulse sensor all machines are included. But you probably already want to read the recommendations about how to choose the perfect elliptical trainer for home…

Choosing an ellipsoid, you should pay attention to the amount of the base of the simulator (i.e. the distance between the rear and front legs of the ellipsoid), which affects the angle of the pedals. Big long base of the simulator makes the angle of the pedal less, whereby the foot is less rotates about the shank, and then the person feels comfortable and after and during workouts (it completely eliminates the pain in the ankle joint). For the comfort and training of the ideal elliptical trainers, value base which more than 130cm.

How to choose the ellipsoid as required

Elliptical trainers are divided into several types: 1. Mechanical 2. Magnetic 3. Electromagnetic.

Among the ellipses, the simplest mechanical. Called them so because the man himself sets them in motion your muscles. Inexpensive, and that much important, do not require an energy source that allows cross trainers to be used in a variety of settings. A trainer it is easy to place under a Cabinet or in a corner, given that it is compact and lightweight. However, more complex elliptical trainers provide a higher level of quietness and smoothness.

Magnetic Ellipticals much higher valued than mechanical, due to the smoothness, durability and quietness. Provides these advantages magnetic braking system, which is a permanent magnet, mechanically similar to the flywheel. As mechanical, magnetic elliptical trainers are relatively cheap and quite compact. A huge advantage of elliptical exercise machines magnetic type is the ability to smoothly adjust the load, gently to slow down, providing the load on the joints without bumps. Excellent level of comfort and the variety of workouts – this is what distinguishes magnetic ellipses from class brothers.

Electromagnetic ellipses are characterized by a set of electromagnetic braking system, which does not depend on the rotation of the pedals. Due to the control computer of the simulator, it is possible to accurately change the load desired. All You have to do is to set the parameters denoting the desired result, and the computer of the simulator will select the right load.

As magnetic, electromagnetic braking system is virtually silent, and smoothness and wear resistance far superior to mechanical braking system.

In conclusion

And finally, another tip on how to choose an elliptical trainer for the home:

Choosing an elliptical trainer, you should understand that an important role is played by the mechanical characteristics of the simulator, especially the details of the ellipsoid, which RUB against each other (the hinges in the joints of the pedals and vertical arms). Made as a molded bushing. The larger the diameter of the sleeve, the more you can withstand the load of the hinge, and hence Moto-resource simulator above. A lot of trainers unable to survive for more than 100kg. Look carefully at the performance bushing-hinge.

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