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Elliptical trainer for home, compare ellipsoid with a treadmill


In recent years a growing percentage of the population moving to home fitness. Basically, the choice falls on the cardio machines, as they help not only lose weight but also to maintain health, to bring the body to tone. The most popular fitness equipment – treadmill and elliptical trainer for the home.

What is better an elliptical trainer or treadmill? What to choose? Such questions rarely suffers from buyers of cardio equipment for the home. Because you want to buy the best and most useful training device. And if

the treadmill you can find a lot of information, then an elliptical trainer for many still remains a mystery. Therefore, it is an elliptical trainer and will be now considered.

Elliptical trainer or, as it is called, ellipsoid emits skiing, even with special handrails designed for hands that play the role of ski poles. This simulator has become a favorite not only young mothers, but also professional athletes and fitness instructors. This is because the ellipsoid is one of the few simulators that allows you to protect the joints and spine from the shock loads that is not unimportant for injuries. The same advantage of elliptical trainer can be attributed to the elaboration of the maximum number of muscles in the classroom; the opportunity to practice on the simulator for all members and even women are allowed to position lessons on the simulator, however, moderate.

The main thing to adjust the stride length for each family member and then sessions on the elliptical trainer will be the most comfortable. In the simulator there are a large number of built-in programs that are adapted to each student, given his health. And another important bonus is that during the occupation of the ellipsoid can read or watch movies, because the trainer is absolutely safe and requires constant concentration on the movements. And by the way, an elliptical trainer may be appropriate for small apartments, as there is a folding model.

It is important to know that the ellipsoids vary in weight and growth of the student. If it is planned that the simulator will be performed by several people, it is necessary to focus on the maximum values of one of the athletes, as well as choose a trainer with adjustable height.

Now you need to understand what are the criteria to choose an elliptical trainer.

The first thing before buying you need to decide how often you will use the simulator. If you operate the ellipsoid is scheduled five times a week or more, you should pay attention to more expensive and advanced models, which have a heart rate monitor, a computer, and many programs for training. If lessons on the simulator will be held once a week, or a month, meaning spent on additional options that will hardly ever be used, not worth it.

It is also worth to determine how much area the apartment will highlight under elliptical trainer. If the unit does not allow you to choose a full, great simulator, then this is absolutely not a reason to panic, because now folding ellipsoids. Their price is not high, but the functions they haven’t concede a stationary models. And in an extreme case, the simulator can be placed on the loggia.

If your budget and living space allow you to roam, it is best to pay attention to the trainers more expensive price category, the so-called trainers premium, which, of course, will do much nicer. They also include additional functionality.

With daily workouts, stretching over 25 minutes on the elliptical trainer and the minimum power control, for a month you can throw 5 kg or more. Rate of weight loss will directly depend on the amount of extra pounds and training time. The more often and longer will it be held, the greater the result will be.

Before you buy elliptical trainer, you need to pay attention to the size of the flywheel, the more he will have the size, the better and softer will run the simulator. If the house has a small child, it is recommended to choose an ellipsoid with a magnetic system load, since these models are significantly quieter. Ideally you need to test the chosen model of elliptical trainer in store. When walking on the simulator pedals should work smoothly, and when the movement should not feel discomfort and discomfort in the knee. If any discomfort during testing of the simulator is not felt, then you can take.

To buy an elliptical trainer for home exercises should those people who for some reason can’t run or jump rope. Also, this trainer is ideal for the man with a large excess weight, because when classes will not be overloaded joints.

It remains to answer the last question, what to expect from home exercises on the elliptical trainer? First, classes at home on the elliptical trainer helps to shed extra pounds, tone the muscles of the buttocks, legs, and even the media. In addition, during the lessons on the ellipsoid develops endurance training, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Because elliptical trainers for the home of an average price category, differ little from those of the trainers at the fitness club, with regular practice you can achieve not bad results. To do daily, at least 25 minutes, and you can make a few approaches a day for best results. The main thing that one approach was not less than a quarter of an hour, but after that time the burning of fat. To classes quickly get bored, it is recommended every 2 days to change the program, it is quite suitable standard, which is in the simulator, as well as to make an interval workout. This will not only help enhance the practice, but will not allow the body to adapt to stress.

In conclusion, we can say that the elliptical trainer is one of the best home exercise equipment. The only drawback, which are only the size, as not every apartment will be the place for it. But if the decision on purchase is accepted and the place is found, it is necessary to consult a doctor in order to determine the optimal load for the body. Since at the initial stage of the training load can seem very strong and without consulting a doctor training can hurt. The main thing is to approach everything with the mind and then do it.

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