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The gym at the workplace In the workplace


Stiff neck and back, flabby muscles and weakness throughout the body — that’s what forced to pay office employee for a daily eight-hour sitting in my Desk chair in front of the computer. To avoid such problems quite easily — sometimes we just have to spend a small sports minute on the job. How to do it — read our material.

Of course, in some large and famous companies, usually multinational, for

workers equipped with these gyms with all necessary equipment and a shower. However, the majority of Russians working in organizations where the top of the care of the staff is its own cuisine. Meanwhile, the need for physical activities during the working day — not so rare, especially for employees who are forced to spend all their working time at the computer. If a separate gym in your company there, and the body requires movement, we suggest you take a closer look around your office: you are surrounded by many objects that can successfully replace conventional simulators.

Back and chest

One of the most effective exercises to train the muscles of the back and chest — pushups. But hardly anyone wants to be wrung from office floor that day walked hundreds of feet. Try as the “shell” use your desktop: uprites hands in the edge and stand towards the floor at an angle of 45 degrees. Perform 2-3 sets of 10-12 pushups. If your physical form is far from perfect, then perform the exercise as many times as you can. After a few workouts you will notice that the result improves.

To develop the chest muscles and arms can also use the uneven bars. Of course, gymnastic bars in your office you are unlikely to find, but you can do it yourself: for example, from two adjacent tables. Uprites hands in countertops, elbows should be perpendicular to the torso. Feet keep on weight, slightly bending at the knees and his head down on his chest.From the starting position, you can begin exercises: bending the elbows, lower yourself down, then take the starting position. Perform the exercise as many times as you can. During the day take a few approaches.


Sit in a chair for stability uprites hands on the seat. Legs at a right angle are on the floor. Raise both legs to the chest about 20 times. Remember that the load on the muscles of the lower abdominals comes at a time when the feet are near the floor, but not touch him, so for maximum effect, I advise you not to lower your feet on the floor during the exercise. During the day you can do several approaches.


Classic exercises for biceps workout can be done in the workplace. The main thing — right to choose “shell”. As dumbbells use any objects weighing from 2 to 10 pounds, which is comfortable to hold by hand: paper, massive iron statue, briefcase, loaded with books and more. Weight “shell” is selected on the basis of your physical form. By selecting a suitable “dumbbell”, you can begin training. Sit on the edge of the chair, legs apart about 60 degrees. In the right hand take the “shell” and push the elbow into the inner thigh towards the knee. Unfold and fold your arm at the elbow 10-15 times. Then change the hand. You must perform 3 sets. Over time, the makeshift dumbbell will have to replace the heavier, because after a few workouts this weight will be for you small.

Selected “shell” can also be used for training the triceps. Sit on a chair, back straight. Raise your hand with the load straight up, then lower it down to neck and again lift. Perform the exercise 10-12 times, then change hands. Exercise, like the previous one, must be performed in 3 sets.


Familiar from childhood squats will help you to revive your weak leg muscles and in adult life. 10-15 squats 2-3 times a day — and to the end of the day you will feel overwhelmed, and your feet will get the required load. There is also the option to “advanced” — squats on one leg. Thus the second leg should be extended forward parallel to the floor. In order not to lose during the exercise balance, as a prop, use a table or chair.

There are also more secretive ways to workout your legs. Sit on edge of chair, knees pressed against each other. Alternately straighten your legs and pull on a sock. Perform the exercise about 20 times. However, in this case only train the calf muscle.


If your work involves constant use of the computer, we advise you to pay attention to the exercises for the hands. The fact that at constant computer work and without proper warm-up brushes, you risk getting carpal tunnel syndrome. The disease develops due to poor blood circulation brush with a long and monotonous work: without a proper oxygen supply of the tissue swell and compress the median nerve. As a result — chronic pain in the hands, in very advanced cases, surgical intervention is necessary.

To avoid occupational diseases just — don’t forget at least once an hour to exercise your hands. This can be done by using a set of simple exercises: tightly clench your fists 10 times, then do the rotation of the brushes, and complete workout by rotating each finger separately.

If you want to stretch stiff arms, but also to develop muscles, you should think about purchasing carpal expander. When choosing a trainer should pay attention to its rigidity: you should use the grip with which you can make no more than 10-12 simani in one go. If you do significantly more simani, it is possible to increase the load, it is desirable to change the grip on tighter.

In recent times increasingly popular with office workers gaining gyroscopic exerciser. It consists of a plastic or metal ball that fits in the brush. Inside the device is a rotary gyroscope. Task office athlete — to turn the rotor on the maximum number of revolutions and the circular rotations of the brush to maintain it for some time. Despite its apparent simplicity, the gyroscopic exerciser helps to quickly bring the arm muscles in tone: a measured rotation at low speed stretches the carpal joints, and when rotating at high speeds is a load on the muscles of the forearm,shoulder and shoulder girdle. The more expensive models of the simulator also has a revolution counter, allowing staff to compete during small breaks.

The case — time, training — half an hour

Physical education in the office will not take you much time. On average, one exercise you will take about 2-3 minutes, and if during the day to do a few approaches, then you’ll spend no more than an hour. Also, do not need to perform exercises for all the muscle groups in one day: evenly divide the workouts throughout the week. For example, on Monday you train arms and back, Tuesday — the chest and legs, Wednesday — press, and then begin again. This will greatly reduce the time of training, despite the fact that their quality will not suffer.

After only a couple of weeks after the start of classes physical education office you will notice a tangible result: tired of the sedentary work will be less, get rid of back pain and neck, and your hands will become a Vice-like grip, so necessary in the business world.

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