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Breathing exercises bodyflex. How to lose weight on the program bodyflex. Limitations to practice and


What is the bodyflex

Bodyflex is a special breathing exercises. Its author is an American Greer Childers. This gymnastics has become very popular in the USA and Europe. Now she has appeared in Russia.

Bodyflex combines special anaerobic respiration and isometric, isotonic,

and stretching postures. The exercises of this program aimed at enriching the blood with oxygen. In addition, the exercises effectively helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles. During the lessons there is a kind of massage of the abdominal organs. It helps to cure constipation and other intestinal problems.

The Bodyflex method speeds up the metabolism in our body. It is possible in this way to enhance our immune system. Help Bodyflex and lose weight.

It is important that the exercises do not require great physical exertion. The fatigue is lower than after other types of exercise.

Today, there are already quite a number of occupation groups “Bodyflex”. In addition, you can engage in at home and even in the workplace. You can buy special courses and books by Greer Childers.

How to master the bodyflex

To begin, it is first necessary to master the technique of deep diaphragmatic breathing, in which the chest remains almost motionless. In this way breathing newborn children.

Then, as the older person, it increases the tension. This causes the internal organs and muscles of the diaphragm to tighten. For this reason, our breath moves to the middle of the chest. We can say that an adult breathes only the upper part of the lungs, using them only 20%.

Deep diaphragmatic breathing is used by people since ancient times as a way of improving their health. With such a breath occur naturally cleansing the body’s cells. This increases the amount of light, activates the lymph flow, a beneficial effect is also on the cardiovascular system.

The program includes 12 exercises. It is best to do before Breakfast, on an empty stomach. The author recommends to drink before class one glass of water, tea or juice. You need to perform breathing exercises in five stages: exhale, inhale, strong exhale the breath. It should be done, his head bowed, except in the cases of the exercises lying down. After that, you need to pull the belly in and take the right position. The need to hold breath, posture persists for 8-10 accounts. For maximum results it is recommended to do 2 times a day. The second time can be enjoyed before dinner. 2 hours before practice.

How to lose weight on the program Bodyflex

Used Bodyflex program and for the relief of excess weight. To achieve positive results you need to do regularly. The duration of the daily sessions shall not be less than 15 minutes. You can engage in only on an empty stomach. According to the author of the program, the first week of classes the waist can be reduced by 10-35 cm

During the one-hour lesson, aerobics is the burning of 250 calories, and Bodyflex – 3500 calories. Very convenient that this technique does not involve any additional exercise or dieting.

It is important to remember that the main purpose of this program is not reset extra pounds and effective tightening muscles. During the exercises, the burning of fat and building muscle. The body cells actively enriched with oxygen. This oxygen oxidizes our fat. Thus it allows you to dump excess weight.

Oxygen strengthens the muscles and nerve fibres, improves the condition of skin and internal organs. All this contributes to a General increase in muscle tone. A person becomes stronger and more energetic.

Stomach after exercising can reduce your volume. The person will need less food.

Restrictions for doing Bodyflex

Exercises aerobic respiration can be performed by people of any age and gender. This exercise can even engage in a fixed sitting position. However, there are a small number of contraindications to these activities. First of all, to engage in this exercise should not be pregnant women, and, even in a small period of time. You cannot do the exercises in the recovery period after any surgery and during the exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Very useful program Bodyflex people suffering from arthritis, because there is an increase in the volume of oxygen delivered to the joints. It is also necessary for cancer patients and when recovering from sports injuries. Very useful this technique is a smoker and living in a bad environment.

According to the data obtained during the research, people involved in the system Bodyflex, it is easier to quit bad habits and have a lower probability of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The influence of external factors on the results of studies Bodyflex

You must know that some external factors can have a negative impact on the results of studies on the program “Bodyflex”. We are talking primarily about some types of medicines. So, for example, this may include medication to treat thyroid, oral contraceptives, and some types of antidepressants. These drugs will slow the expected effect on employment. However, they do not completely cancel the positive effect of the program.

These types of medicines are composed of substances that reduce the rate of metabolism in the human body. And the program “Bodyflex” just speeds up the metabolic processes. This contradiction is somewhat difficult work on the system. However, do not despair. Through regular practice the positive effect will still be.

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