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The main factors that modify the power of exercise in rehabilitative treatment


Load in exercise — is, first of all, the magnitude of the impact on the human body and the degree of overcoming engaged in objective and subjective difficulties. The effectiveness of physical activity is directly proportional to its volume and intensity.

In physical therapy uses physical exercises, specially selected and methodically reasoned, with the ultimate goal — the recovery of the

patient. It is necessary to consider the clinical picture of the disease, anatomical and physiological characteristics of the organism, presence of comorbidities, and the degree of physical fitness of the patient.

The volume, the nature of the movements, the sequence of application of physical exercises a strong influence on the therapeutic effect. Methodically correct regulation of physical activity provides optimal changes in the body to restore disturbed functions.

Ways of regulation of exercise on the human body variety. The main factors of changing physical activity are the initial position (I. p.) to exercise; the number of repetitions (dosage) of each exercise; range of motion; rate of exercise; the degree of power voltage.

In gymnastics these factors is regulated by physical activity of the patient undergoing surgery on the abdominal organs.

Original position. The characteristics of the disease, about which operations are performed on the abdominal organs require the correct choice of initial positions for exercise, according to the requirements at different periods of rehabilitation treatment.

The original standing position allows you to exercise with greater amplitude of movement of the upper and lower extremities. The prone position significantly limits the range of motion of the trunk and large joints of the extremities.

It should be noted that the vertical position of the patient in the subdiaphragmatic region there is a potential space with negative pressure.

In physical therapy for exercise starting position may be identified as forced and installation. In the early postoperative period on the basis of the clinical picture of the disease, the patient’s condition, physical exercises is performed internally in the initial supine position.

In traceroutetestfailed period (postoperative) exercise performed in the correct order to solve the problems of rehabilitation in different initial positions: lying, sitting, standing.

“Therapeutic exercise during operations on the digestive system”,

A. E. Dmitriev, A. L. Marynchenko

Dosage of exercise is expressed in the number of repetitions sick of each exercise on the practice of physical therapy. This gives you the opportunity to not only increase physical activity but also individually, in accordance with the capabilities of the patient, to divide the effort. The latter is especially important, as the intensity of muscular work and physiological changes depends on subjective sensations of the patient, level of adaptation to physical.

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