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Fx-VladMih – Warm-up at the workplace

As you know, trading is often sedentary sedentary activities. To the greatest risk during prolonged sedentary work tend primarily cervical and thoracic spine. The muscles of the back and neck are tense, but almost immovable, so the circulation in them is broken. If the voltage is prolonged, the muscles can compress the nerve fibres emerging from the spinal cord, increasing the conductivity of nerve impulses. Start to go numb or numb hands, neck, back.

We offer you a simple set of exercises, each of which must be repeated 10-20 times, performing smoothly at a slow pace, without jerks and sudden movements. The complex is desirable to perform not less than twice a day.

1. “Pendulum”. Rotate the head clockwise/anti-clockwise direction, while aiming to keep the tip of the nose immovable. Repeat with lowered and his head held high.

2. Slowly turn your head to the left as far as possible. When he reached the limit, tilt your head back, feeling the stretching of the neck muscles on the opposite side. Return to starting position and repeat on the other side.

3. Put your head down and try like “wipe” the chin on the chest. Throw your head back and do a few rotations.

4. “Chinese moron”. Put your elbow on the table and connect the palms of the hands into the lock. Put your chin on your hands and tilt your head to the left. When he reached the limit, add two or three nod in the direction of movement of the head. Repeat on the other side.

5. Straighten your spine, like a soldier on command “attention”, the hands leave lying on the table. Pull the shoulders back, maximally reducing the scapula, and will hold for about a second or more.

6. Lower your arms down and relax them. Raise your shoulders as high as possible, feel the tension in trapeziectomy muscles.

7. “String”. Straighten your back, place your hands flat on the table. Lignite the back left side, then to the right, the top of the head must remain immovable. Movement of the spine resemble the vertical movement of the string.


A minute of health: physical exercise sedentary life

It’s no news that in sedentary work sedentary lifestyle has the consequences, such as hemorrhoids, curvature of the spine, obesity. And it’s dangerous. But that doesn’t stop most traders ignore all the recommendations of doctors. The body needs movement. Be sure to allow yourself activity and recreation. These are some simple exercises will help you maintain the health, efficiency and cheerfulness. They can be run without moving from his chair, and then your work will not be so dangerous for you.


Knead the muscles of the loins, the waist and obliques. Move back from the Desk, stretch your legs and put them on the heel. Keeping your back straight, do twisting in different directions.

Exercises for shoulder muscles

Make 10 times without a break lifts the shoulders, circular motion forward and backward. This will help to disperse the blood in the upper body and reduce fatigue of the back.


Slide one hand behind my back on top, bent in the elbow. Second hand push on the elbow for 5-10 seconds. Opposite arm. This is a good exercise relieves stress and tones the muscles of the forearms and shoulders.

Leg raises

Sit on the edge of the chair, pull and lift the leg 2-3 inches off the floor and begin to lift your knees alternately to the stomach. Strain the muscles of the buttocks and abdomen. Make 10-12 times for each leg.

Reverse pushups

Stand with your back to a chair or low table (without wheels!), prop your hands on the edge, legs extended forward. Do 10 push-UPS – so you train the muscles of the arms and back.

Direct push-UPS

Support yourself with your hands against the wall, legs as far as possible. Do 10 push-UPS – training the chest muscles and arms.

Exercises for the hands

Squeeze to open and close their fists to max out both hands. After you make a circular motion with a closed fist. These exercises are a good prevention of joint problems.

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