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Muscle recovery after training methods and tips


When people engaged in weight loads, the muscles get a minor injury. To restore them, on average, need 24 to 48 hours. Therefore, experienced athletes are recommended to train at least every other day. Because of frequent workouts, your body does not have time to recover and because of this man for a long time can not achieve the desired result. After the first workout, you need to wait until the muscles have recovered completely and only then proceed to the next load.

When a person 19-26 years and he leads a healthy lifestyle, not drinking

alcohol, not Smoking, watches his diet, does not experience stress and getting enough sleep, then his body will be ready for your next workout after 3 or 4 days.

But when the person is over 30 years old, a difficult job, regular stress, and even a small child, do not give at night to sleep properly, to restore the body will require much more time, and more specifically, about 7 days.

Theoretical principles of restoration

Often there are four main phases of muscle regeneration is rapid, slow, delayed and phase supercompensation. In the human body during each phase, there are separate processes. Every professional athlete is able to correctly influence the process that will lead to early recovery of the muscles. Below we will discuss each phase separately.

Phase one: rapid recovery

It happens instantly after the workout. The body starts active restructuring of metabolism, to restore homeostasis. Is the replenishment of phosphocreatine, ATP, glycogen, begin in the blood to do steroids and insulin. Also at this time the body returns to normal cardiovascular system.

Second phase: slow recovery

In order to allow the body to begin the process of reparation, after the restoration of metabolism occurs synthesize amino acids and enzymes due to the rapid metabolism. During the second phase the novice athlete need to consume the necessary ingredients:

Protein quick action ― it stimulates the production of anabolic hormones, but also gives the body plenty of amino acids. His presence in the body suppresses the production of catabolism. Better to take it half an hour after training was carried out in an amount of not more than 30 grams. If a person accepts any amino acids, this protein is best taken immediately after a workout.

Carbohydrates in the form of baked goods, maltodextrin, cereal and potatoes, these products are recommended to be used in an amount of from 60 to 100 grams in half an hour after the workout. In case if a person is overweight, he needs to take complex carbohydrates, but not more than 30 grams;

To maintain the normal body rehydration it is advisable to drink plenty of mineral water;

At this point you need a good and sound sleep;

When a person uses of different anabolic steroids, oral drugs type it is advisable to take it during this phase.

Third phase: supercompensate

This phase occurs after about a few days after training. It has a duration of 5 days. The processes that occur in the body is no different from those that occur during the second phase. However, at this stage, the organism has a high rate. Experienced athletes is strongly recommended during this phase to exercise the same muscle groups, and during the first workout.

The fourth phase: delayed recovery

A few tips on how you can initially reduce muscle recovery after exercise:

After each workout should be stretching to impart elasticity to the muscles.

You can regularly visit a massage therapist who will perform a deep relaxing massage. Thus, accelerates the process of muscle recovery.

The hike to the bath or sauna will increase the temperature and blood circulation, the cells receive a lot of oxygen.

How to drink more green tea because it contains antioxidants that clean the body from free radicals.

And the main thing is to remember that in no event it is impossible to overwork your body new loads until he fully recover from the previous one, because thus build muscle mass is almost impossible. Failure to comply with the basic rules, you can develop a chronic illness, laziness, depression and bad mood.

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