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Proper charging or how to choose exercises


Flexible body, toned muscles, the grace of a cat — mmm, the only negative — all of this requires constant physical activity. How often have you said to yourself, well, here comes tomorrow (Monday, the first number coming salary or what there still may be options) and morning exercises will be commonplace . Comes and somehow smoothly control is transferred to the next cutoff.

But suppose that the turning point came, and do You started, but after a month or two, and the desired result. Here comes the most annoying, and seems to be getting up half an hour earlier and press 100 times already shaking and sweating as he was, and hangs. And now we will understand what was the mistake?

Any exercise, including both morning — it is a complex of physical exercises, which aims at solving a particular problem, for example, health improvement, weight loss, stretching, preparing for childbirth and so on. You must first determine what exactly You want to get? and from it already to choose the time and exercise. For example, You want to reduce your volumes . but exercises for weight loss You include only a set of exercises for the waist and nothing else. There is a mistake in the approach to the physiology of the process. The volume — this subcutaneous fat deposits (strategic energy reserve of the body in case of emergency), respectively, the volume goes — this means that the number of fat cells decreases, i.e. the energy is spent. On what can be spent this energy?

1. to maintain the body in times of lack of food (diet)

2. to maintain muscle during the period of its operation, that is, the power consumption at the time of exercise (fat cells in this case most effectively spent in cardio-complexes ).

3. to rebuild the muscles after strenuous exercise

That is, the muscle returns to normal after You give her a certain load (exercise) — the fat is burned. The problem is that the abdominal muscles recover for 3-4 hours, i.e. the time of goodenia not comparable with the total number of fat cells that these muscles are. It follows that You should really evaluate how and most importantly for what period of time You want to lose weight, and depending on that already connect a particular group of muscles to work (for example, leg muscles recovered on average 5 days). One more thing, the muscle works — this means that in exercise You have it so tense, slightly shaking, and sore feet, hands and press start for a long time before they will come to their peak load.

NB! All of the above does not mean that you need to pace yourself physical exercise. For maximum effect, you need a balance between nutritious meals and uniform (regular!) exercises.

Today we will talk about morning exercises . These are the exercises that are performed on an empty stomach, immediately after waking up and the morning toilet (wash, brush your teeth, etc.), the charging duration is 10-20 minutes.

So, You woke up while You run around the apartment in search of towels, keep the room ventilated, so as to effectively exercise a very important oxygen.

NB! Morning exercises primarily aimed at accelerating the metabolism and the awakening of the body.

So choose exercises you need to charge for the whole body and not just for the abs or legs. And now for the specifics:

My exercises for weight loss . do everything smoothly and in tempo:

— knead foot (rifts and steps)

— 3 squats

— the tipping of the pelvis and circular movements of the pelvis

— bending the upper body to the side, then forward, then the exercise “mill”

— a circular motion on the chest (horizontal)

— a circular movement of his shoulders

— circular head movements ( to-shoulder, forward. to shoulder, back)

after a light workout turn to exercises for abs and legs.

All except the last paragraph, can be used as charging for pregnant women . Since it is very important to keep yourself in decent physical shape before birth (regardless of mode of delivery, in any case, You then care for the baby, and this is a serious exercise)

And in the end offer You guidelines coach TV channel LIVE Natalia Lebedeva about what exercises are good for the morning, and what better to do tonight

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