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6 important questions about running. How to start running


Running is a natural physiological load, the best “wrestler” with the extra weight, weak heart and poor form.

Fine, but why do most people prefer to believe in exotic exercise machines and other appliances for fitness? Our lives are complicated and we have no idea how to choose simple things.

Come from words down to business, or at least dispel doubts about running.

Question 1. Why running is good?

Usually after this question should be something like: “I Have weak joints (knees, back, weight), the doctor said that running is bad”.

Actually, if you are able to walk, have no injuries of the spine, knees or ankles, and your BMI does not exceed 36-40, and will be able to run, the main thing is to measure the load, not to forget the warm-up and to set realistic goals. And then running to strengthen your legs, glutes, body, improve your posture and add vitality.

After all, running is cardio. While Jogging you breathe intensely, and heart pumping oxygenated blood throughout the body. This improves nutrition tissues and organs, faster displays products of metabolism, strengthening the cardiovascular system.

The company’s research Reebok (University of düsseldorf) showed that regular Jogging in the fresh air accelerates metabolism by 30%. Furthermore, to achieve this result, it is not necessary to rush like a Cannonball. Even “jog” can raise the heart rate to the desired level, and all of your body is perfectly trained.

Question 2. How to run for weight loss?

Losing weight girls often wonder, say, run every morning, enough sleep, malnourished, and weight stand still in his tracks. Any cardio for weight loss effective only if:

Lasts at least 20 minutes;

Takes place at the level of 55% of maximum heart rate and above.

While beginners will be interested to learn that it is not necessary to run all of 20 minutes, you can, for example, the first 5 minutes of speed walking, then a minute to walk with high knee stretch and then go on running trustom.

But prepared makes sense to connect an interval run. If you are more than 3 months, your heart has had time to adapt to the load, and heart rate increases is not as significant, and hence the consumption of calories less than the novice. Therefore, you need to “shake up” training.

For example, after warm-up 4 minutes of run at a steady pace, then 1 minute – “zakhlestina” knee to the buttock, then one minute of high knee stretch, after a minute, increase the tempo to the maximum. Repeat intervals 4-5 times and Samnites” quiet running and walking.

There is a hypothesis that weight loss necessarily run on an empty stomach. Yes, you cause the body to move faster with carbohydrate fuel for burning fat. However, if you are not able to withstand such a regime or simply suffer from low blood pressure, eat a little protein before a run. No “juice and fruit” will not help to lose weight. Your food – yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, egg whites. The advantages of such food before a run – it’s light and doesn’t make you feel “stuffed belly”.

Question 3. How to force yourself to run systematically?

So, the biggest mistake is in the word “make”. Look at the problem from a different angle. Jog at least once and feel the vitality, burst of energy, pleasure. Remember this feeling and think primarily about him, not about the kilos, centimeters, problem areas and other painful things from a woman’s life.

Plan your day, and be sure to set a specific time for your run, so you will be treated to training responsibly and stop flowing. To keep in shape enough five 20-minute runs a week.

Question 4. How to stop being shy, running on the street?

First of all, remember that other people are too busy, and your humble person they are, in General, indifferent. Runners not too stare into the faces of fellow track and to avoid rude comments from teenagers, just go to the stadium or any other place where it is not acceptable pastime “on the bench”.

Perhaps to revise the view on the problem and add confidence will help well-chosen stylish clothes for running, because no one forces you to run around in tops and shorts.

Question 5. What to wear attire for a run?

You should have three sets of comfortable sportswear:

For hot summer weather

For coolness

For wet weather and rain.

Fixation of the breast

In the summer it is important to breathe leather, in this case, as in any other time of the year, should pay attention to the breast fixation. First your purchase – comfortable sports bodice wide straps. Trying, definitely a little jump in the fitting room. You should not have the feeling that the Breasts are “jumps” or “shakes”.

Fitness top

Women to run around in tank tops for fitness spandex, DRI-fit or similar material. First, they will provide additional fixation of the breast, and secondly – you will not run with the “wet rag” on the back, because these tissues are instantly dry and allow the body to “breathe”.

“Down” for the summer – breeches or trousers made of elastic fabric. Why not linen or other fabric “not a stretch”? First of all, these pants better dry, and run they do not get hot, and they help to avoid “the effect of tremor” of the thighs and buttocks.

But here too zealous and to put on the “rubber” pants slimming not worth it. This leads to severe dehydration, loss of skin tone and excessive load on the heart during the run.


Running shoes should be labeled as Jogging. Beginners should look for a model with a high ankle not to get injured.

No other options, like running shoes for training the legs and buttocks while walking or favorite sneakers will not suit you. They only disrupt the stability, and it is traumatic.

And, of course, don’t forget to cover your head from the sun by a baseball cap.

For cool weather

For cool hikes add a long sleeve top and a jacket. For your rain jacket should be waterproof. Today thin coats of the water is almost all large manufacturers of clothing for the sport.

Jacket lined ideal for winter running, other times the main principle is layering. However, for fall it is better to choose special sports pants, not to “pry” tights under a summer form, so less likely to disturb the thermal balance.

Be sure to wear a hat and gloves or at least bandage that can cover your ears. Shoes should be closed, but nonetheless – running the model.

All this magnificence should be prepared in advance and down so you were not looking for or socks or gloves and could come as quickly as possible.

Question 6. How to get used to the run, if I’m not in shape?

When it comes to colds, headaches or monthly indisposition should skip the workout and give your body to recover. But if “fault” sedentary lifestyle, try to “run” using two of our strategies:

The transition from walking to running

Find a place with smooth unpaved paths, or paved Park. The water is usually run heavier, due to the high humidity. But if you choose between “water” and “the road”, the first option is definitely better.

In the first week just try to walk briskly for 20-30 minutes. When you do this, keep your back straight, draw the abdomen. In the second week stretch occasionally for 5 minutes, then run slowly as long as you can, and then once again go to the end of the workout. You can try interval workout – 4 minutes running, 2 walking, or any other number of your choice.

Usually the month of such “uneven” Jogging enough to safely overcome the limit in 20 minutes.

The transition from running to walking

Mash a walk, and immediately run as you can, the rest of the workout – go. Usually in fitness, this method is not recommended, however it may be useful to those who trained some years ago, but for some reason stopped running.

In any case, to answer questions about the race itself only ran. So you should try Jogging, and maybe they will make your life colorful.

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