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Physical and gymnastic exercises for varicose veins


Many women have this problem as varicose veins in the legs. Before you start training you should know about the problems of varicose veins and whether you need to train.

Congenital . can look at my grandma, mom, if they have varicose veins, you should understand that it is likely that you will have varicose veins, sooner or later it will appear. Therefore, it is necessary to do from it prevention, gymnastic exercises, gymnastics.

If you purchased varicose veins, mostly in people who exercise, hard work, or standing, almost motionless. For example a teacher who teaches a standing position, the entire load in this case is being on your feet and over time they begin to hurt.

Varicose veins may be congenital or acquired.

When standing work simple exercises for legs with varicose veins.

Exercise for legs — from heel to toe.

To avoid this you need to take a step from heel to toe, thanks to the fact that the drumstick, you are helping the veins to push the blood.

Veins compared with arteries have thinner muscular wall of the vessels, therefore, need to be strengthened.

The strengthening of blood vessels is achieved as exercise, training, and the strengthening is achieved by the fact that you are taking a contrast shower. Hot water and then cold water, creates additional exercises (gymnastics) for vessels. Plus, if you have problems with varicose veins, you should take special means on the advice of a physician, as the drugs that thin the blood.

This is also one of the directions in prevention and treatment of diseases of varicose veins.

And another simple exercise for veins in sedentary work.

Several times a day do exercise, very useful to prevent varicose veins:

Rise up on your toes and descend sharply on the heel. And it is enough to tear your heels from the floor at 1cm After 20 such shocks take a break for 10seconds. And so three times. Each exercise — 60 concussions.

Who is the sports ground, and to whom the bike is running with varicose veins.

If you live in a rural area, you have no gym and sports halls, there is no possibility to do at home, at least start with that then buy the bike. Adjust the seat so high that the pedals only to get the toe. When riding a bike (not for long), there is a reduction of the tibia, which in turn leads to pressure on the veins, and the blood in the legs will fly upwards through the vessels.

Such gymnastic exercises will train the valves in the veins of the legs . and prevent the formation of blood clots, or reapers, as they say among the people, which formed the nodes of the veins. In such a case, mainly age women, to consult a doctor and start using them to make a plan and special therapeutic measures and physical exercise. Fitness with varicose veins are also welcome.

Exercises for those with not much running in the veins of the legs. Prevention of diseases of veins and treatment of varicose veins.

All exercises for varicose veins, in addition to Cycling, based on the fact that you are lying, and your feet raised up.

A set of exercises to relieve stress with feet.

Exercise with varicose veins of the legs . help to develop the press of the abdomen.

On the exhale, slowly lift your leg up and held in a vertical position, then slowly lowered her during inspiration. Right now this is done, and you will feel a slight tension from the outer side of the tibia extending to the foot tingling.

Do this exercise four approaches, by 15-20 times, alternating legs. Abdominals belly will work too.

As soon as you lift the leg up, flaps or pockets veins is facing down and the blood flows, helping veins. Ensure that you breathe out when stress. When heavy lifting, physical exercise for the lower limb, you’re out.

But still need to use blood-thinning medications that strengthen blood vessels (vitamin preparations), as many of them, it is best to consult a physician.

You should never disregard medical advice on exercise with varicose veins of the lower extremities.

Aid in the flow of blood in the veins of the lower extremities.

Circular motion of socks down there. Slowly, the movement goes in the ankle joint, creates targeted strain shins.

Then lifted his leg and doing the rotation on weight. This set of exercises can perform almost all at any stage of varicose veins, like a beginner or already running.

This exercise is convenient not only for the prevention of varicose vein treatment, but for prevention of ankle injury.

Another point, if you are overweight, you need to lose weight to reduce the load on the veins.

The next set of exercises aimed, including the strengthening of the press.

1. First one leg and simultaneously raise the opposite arm forward as you exhale, then the other leg and arm. You are no requests for the execution of acrobatic elements exercises, can free hand to help, resting on the floor.

If anyone else and cervical osteochondrosis, can free hand to place under the neck and to support it when lifting the torso. Climb the way you want, it all depends on your fitness.

2. Legs raised a little more than a right angle relative to the hips.

Took a breath, and exhalation rose and lingered a bit in this position. This exercise with varicose veins, in addition to press develops and strengthens the pectoral muscle.

Hands can get another dumbbell, it turns out that treat the legs, and at the same time strengthen your chest, flatten the stomach. What could be better, three in one, both for himself and for the body healthy and beautiful.

To avoid stress on the elbow joints when using dumbbells, hands should be kept slightly bent at the elbows. In this exercise, the blood flowing downward, thereby treating the veins of the lower extremities.

Never make an acute angle at the knees. Once hunker down on the chair, the veins remains nothing how to get out.

Exercise bike lying, just for any age.

There is not much to explain, the only addition is that you can increase the load with additional weight on your feet. The music for this exercise will not play a role, if slow – you will get tired faster, fast music will help you to easily perform the exercise. Pressing on the pedals (figuratively) need socks. Such a simple bike you can do at any age, both women and men and different levels of physical training.

Complicated, power Cycling involves raising the torso from twisting as shown in photo.

Legs still raised, the spine is stretched, strengthened abdominal region, pominalnye the abdominal muscles and enjoying the burning pain of the abdomen and the load on it.

Along with exercise with varicose veins, you must watch your diet. The stomach is not a dustbin to him that you want to reset and wait when all will be digested. Eat slowly, eat fractionally, and then you have a fat layer to be deposited will not.

Remember, life is so expensive now gone, who will help us in health, if not we ourselves.

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