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Yoga for weight loss where to start and how to do it


The effectiveness of yoga for weight loss is vital for many — and for those who are going to go to my first practice, and for those who are already practicing yoga or other physical activity. Though rare, the instructor will give a definite answer to this question, because the influence of yoga on the body depends not only on the perfect execution of the asanas, but also on many other factors — correctly chosen direction, power, instructor, breathing exercises and so on.

About what yoga is, how it is treated and what to consider when organizing

your lessons, Aephi told professional teacher of Kundalini yoga Irene Nelson .

Milici Maya, Aephi: Can yoga help to lose weight?

Irene Nelson . Yes, of course. But before you choose this method of solving problems with excess weight, we need to understand what yoga is. Yoga — is a system of self-discovery. Types of yoga huge amount. If you want to lose weight through yoga, you should know that the causes of excess weight affect not only the physical body, they can be placed deep in the subconscious, or, as they say in yoga, in the subtle bodies. These include: emotional body, mental and several others. The cause of the disease sometimes appears long before its physical manifestation. Psychologists often say that the extra weight — it’s a subconscious fear, the desire to isolate themselves from the world. And in this case, yoga can change our vision of the world, daily habits, and you’ll be surprised how your body will change.

Where to start?

— What direction among the variety of styles is better to choose those who are focused on losing weight?

— those who are overweight need to start with simple yogic practices, as they may be different fullness related health problems — pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the spine. And they are naturally not suited to intensive breathing practices, and also due to the lack of appropriate training — some exercises requiring flexibility. So I recommend caution to start with the first steps in Hatha-yoga. An experienced teacher will tell you which exercises you should avoid, because there are exercises in yoga that reduce or increase the pressure. An outstanding teacher and yogi Iyengar was very demanding of his students, so Iyengar yoga requires endurance. In yoga there is a hard demanding approach, he is called the father principle, and soft ” approach of the mother, when the student does something more for my own pleasure.


— How to find your teacher? What will advise to pay attention?

— Need to pay attention to your intuition, how you a pleasant and comfortable this person. To a good teacher you are in a hurry to class with impatience and anticipation of pleasure. If you force yourself to do, then maybe it’s not your teacher. In a good teacher you fall in love, become one. In addition, it is important to consider what style you are close. Some who have not enough will power, like when the teacher is tough enough, can force to do. And some for the soft approach. We need to combine these factors, and then you’ll find your perfect teacher and love yoga forever.

Where to go?

— How do you feel about these practices, as Bikram yoga and Hot yoga? They are just focused on losing weight, but if effective and not dangerous?

— Any kind of yoga is effective but it is necessary to consider their level of training. Plus, view exactly how much you excess weight — 3–5 kg or a high degree of obesity. Naturally, in the latter case, to start with Bikram yoga and hot yoga, I would not recommend. Because these sessions in 100% of cases will aggravate blood pressure problems, if there are any, or to the failure of the cardiovascular system. Experiment is not worth it, otherwise you can hurt yourself.

The article on the topic

Also someone who likes active exercises — and they need dynamic yoga, someone needs relaxation due to low stress tolerance, and then it is better to choose practices that promote deep relaxation. And someone actually likes philosophical aspect, these mantra yoga (chanting of mantras) or the meeting yoga (selfless service to the beloved deity).

Again, types of yoga huge amount, as much as people. And what is yoga suitable for all, it is exactly, but it is extremely important to determine your type, soberly assess their capabilities. This will help to find your favorite yoga or combination of practices that will lead to better health, pure consciousness, is not contaminated external information environment, and, as a consequence, emotional balance.

— are There special yoga classes for very fat people?

— Such classes exist. For example, there is the ancient science of Ayurveda, which allows to detect the disease in deep layers, at the cellular level, and using a cleansing practices of various kinds to align all structures of the body. As a result — a man clears unnecessary medical education in the form of extra fat and toxic substances. I was recently at the Ayurvedic centre « atreya “. where my eyes have been changes of a man who looked very fat. Doctors, specifically the type of his body, mindset and habits, gave him the right treatment. This type of yoga thousands of years. And only now it comes in both our lives.

Organization of classes

— is it necessary for those who practice yoga, to abstain from meat and to stick to a vegetarian style of eating?

— I would have rephrased. Everyone who decided to become a vegetarian, you need to do yoga. Because you can’t give up meat just out of nowhere, one day waking up in the morning. The fact is that when a person refuses meat, he should own yogic techniques to compensate for gross energy of food, which includes meat, particularly red varieties. Through asanas and breathing practices you can fill your body with energy much better than the energy we get from rough food after the murder of a living being. That is why many have decided to give up meat and not incur the desired effect, because this step is unsubstantiated.


— Many who attend yoga classes in groups, don’t like breathing exercises and think they are useless. Whether so it actually?

— Breathing exercises — a powerful additional source of vital energy, which in yoga is called “prana”. With the help of breathing exercises can treat and mitigate the course of serious diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis. Most people use only the upper clavicular breath, depriving themselves of a huge reserve of energy, which can come with the correctly put of breath.

— does yoga contraindications?

— of Course, with any kind of physical activity we need to be cautious. It is important to avoid those exercises and postures that may lead to injury due to pereuserdstvovat, either because of the presence of pre-existing injuries, so be careful with knee injuries, joints and be sure to warn previously received injuries teachers.

— How long may be the path to the perfect body?

— How long may be the way — depends on the flexibility of mind and the degree of awareness of the person who decided not only to lose weight, but to balance all the systems of your body.

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