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Manual to the treadmill for dog


This statement is very General for all types of treadmills (intended for people) and supplemented with new paragraphs on use case

for training dogs.


Before proceeding to the exercises, consult your doctor.

Important precautions when using a treadmill

Do not practice on a treadmill without reading and instruction.

Before each workout, check to be sure they are tight the bolts and nuts of the treadmill.

For safety reasons, keep to the simulator young children.

Do not allow them to practice without supervision.

Never leave your dog on the treadmill unattended. And during the training period, to always be there.

Don’t feed your dog before class on the treadmill! After feeding should pass enough time, as the load on the heart increases dramatically. In addition, the risk of volvulus in a dog.

In any case, do not use dash chain or parlors!

The dog must be in a soft leather collar . for you to have the ability to control its position on the treadmill.

Place the simulator so that ahead of him was enough space. Do not give the dog to run “the wall”. Behind the treadmill should be enough. The distance from walls, furniture, and other obstructions shall not be less than one meter, in case of falling of the dog.

Otherwise not excluded serious injury of the animal.

Never tie a dog leash to the railing of the treadmill — it’s dangerous! To control the dog leash should be in your hand.

Before you embark on the treadmill for five minutes doing stretching exercises. After the training, do not stop abruptly, but gradually slow down the pace for about five minutes, until your breathing returns to normal. This fully applies to dogs .

During exercise on a treadmill, try to breathe evenly, speeding up the breathing only with increasing speed. Don’t hold your breath during exercise

After a certain time you will be able to train continuously on a treadmill for 30 minutes, but beginners are advised to first train for several minutes at a slow pace twice a week.

Then, after getting used to the treadmill, gradually increase the amount of workouts to 4-5 a week. Regarding dogs stick to the above.

Between workouts you should rest a day or two. This rest is necessary to your muscles to prepare for new and greater load. Never forget the stretching exercises — they promptly accelerate blood circulation, delivering more oxygen to the muscles.

Before training on a treadmill, remove jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches.

Always train in a sports shoes and clothes. Do not wear too loose or hanging garments, the elements of which can cling to the simulator or the surrounding objects during training.

Check the condition of the claws of the dog . including in order to avoid damage to the fabric of the treadmill.

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