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Water with lemon. Useful to start the day Healthy food


About this method of cleansing the body, improve digestion and even weight loss is water with lemon in the morning on an empty stomach – all say different things: someone thinks that this is a miracle way to lose weight and speed up metabolism, someone claims that it is harmful for the stomach… I decided to try it for yourself. For the past year drinking in the morning before Breakfast water with lemon – and probably already can draw conclusions about what it gives.

Why drink water with lemon? In the first place – for good digestion .

Water with lemon awakens the digestive system, forcing her to tune into the active work. Often heard the opinion that this drink «clears the pipe» – that is, while passing through the digestive tract, gives a light laxative effect, accelerates all digestive processes. In addition, water with lemon drink for weight loss . At all, this method has a different effect; personally, I lost weight this year on 3-4 kg, while eating normally. Can not say one hundred percent that it is entirely merit water with lemon, but the contribution of this means, of course. The last reason for the use of water with lemon in the morning is to improve the skin and complexion . Again, for all will not say, but my skin really began to look more fresh and elastic. This was particularly evident after the winter are usually in the spring the skin is a bit grey, dull, as if you were sick a long time (perhaps it is a deficiency). And this year was nothing like this: complexion was healthy and pleasant.

Does water with lemon?

Citric acid increases the acidity in the digestive tract and acts in two ways: on the one hand, cleans, on the other, irritate. Therefore, we can say that a healthy person without ulcers and gastritis (and acidity) water with lemon at least does no harm, as a maximum – will help to improve digestion, lose weight and improve skin condition. Of course, lemon water is not a panacea for all illnesses and not something miraculous, magical. It’s just water with two tablespoons of lemon juice – a morning habit that much better habit to drink coffee on an empty stomach or drink the sweet juice from the package. Some, for example, they say that water with lemon on them had no effect – at all. While others almost pray for this tool, claiming that said goodbye to excess weight and improved health. My personal opinion is that if you have no contraindications, lemon water in the morning is something worth a try. In two weeks, a month it will be possible to do conclusions for themselves. Still, the organisms are different.

How to cook water with lemon

To cook water with lemon is very simple: boil water, cool it to room temperature, squeeze in lemon (about a quarter of a lemon per Cup (250 ml) of water), stir and viola! But this simple process is often creeps errors. For example, when cooking use ice water from the fridge (it’s not particularly helpful for the digestive tract) or squeeze a lemon in advance, a few hours, leaving it to lose vitamins. Another common mistake is a too great concentration of lemon juice. In a glass of water enough quarters of lemon, with a higher concentration of irritated mucous stronger – you can earn stomach problems. In addition, too «evil» lemon water can have a negative effect on tooth enamel, after all, concentrated lemon juice eats away at it.

Water with lemon and honey . There is a variation of this recipe is water with lemon and honey, which is particularly relevant in the winter and in the cold season. Cooking is virtually identical: you need to squeeze in a glass of warm water juice of a quarter lemon and stir in this mixture of 1 teaspoon of natural honey. Contrary to popular belief, honey is not desirable to add in the boiling water, specifically in warm water (as retains all the vitamins and minerals). Water with honey is more gentle on the digestive tract, enhances the cleansing effect and, in addition, gives the body the first «dose» energy, honey is the carbohydrate. The taste of this water is even better than just water with lemon. The only «but» is that water with lemon and honey is not for people with high blood sugar, because honey is characterized by a high glycemic index.

To achieve maximum efficiency and not make problems with digestion and other organs, for example, drinking water with lemon in accordance with a few simple rules .

• Drink water with lemon in the morning, on an empty stomach, half an hour before Breakfast. Limit yourself to one Cup and make sure that the concentration of lemon juice in the water was normal, not too high. Do this every day, let this be your habit .

• Cook water with lemon right before use: do not harvest, for example, in the evening and store in the refrigerator.

• After a glass of water with lemon you should always have Breakfast, even if you usually do not. Moreover, it is desirable that it was helpful and full organic Breakfast (sandwiches, scrambled eggs, porridge, muesli, dairy food, and not something «fast».

• Drink water with lemon is best through a straw, so that the contact of lemon juice with teeth was minimal. At such low concentrations it can’t hurt, but thoroughly rinse your mouth with water with lemon in any case not worth it.


Definite contraindications – peptic ulcer, gastritis, hyperacidity. But if you have other problems with your digestive tract, it is better to use a tool such as lemon water, consult physician. Listen to your body: if you feel discomfort after water with lemon, immediately stop drinking it.

Read more about diseases of the digestive system and related risk factors: All about the digestive system .

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