Morning exercise is the basis of a healthy lifestyle!
  If you offer to any person to list the components of a healthy lifestyle, morning exercises, for sure, will be in the top three!… If you ask any person…

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Cross-country skiing classic fitness
  Cross-country skiing belongs to cyclic sports. This means that the skier repeatedly repeats the same motion, and his body is functioning with sufficient supply of oxygen, in aerobic mode.…

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All about slide aerobics. Slide aerobics

Slide aerobics is one of the types of force aerobic exercise program on a special track-slide, designed to strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, major muscles of the body and joints. Slide aerobics emerged relatively recently – in 1993.

Characterized by its difference from other types of aerobics is to use lateral movement. If a regular aerobics and step are actively using only the linear (forward-backward) and vertical (up-down) movement, the slide uses lateral movement, which is key in training abductor muscle groups in the thighs (outer and inner thighs). Slide training is also one of the main types of load involving enormous burning calories because of the

specificity and unusual movements.

Slide aerobics – a combination of aerobic and strength exercises. The name of this type of fitness required special Mat with a sliding surface, and based on the imitation of the movements of the skaters, figure skaters and skiers. You don’t stop on the track, thereby training the cardiovascular system, by burning extra calories and at the same time perfectly firming the muscles of the lower and upper parts of the body.

Experts believe that the slide aerobics is the best type of aerobics for women who want to get rid of fat deposits in the hips. A few rules during the occupation of the slide aerobics: to engage only in special shoes with socks; special track (slide) should be standard – 183×61 cm, very smooth and slippery, with two stable edges on the sides. It is compact and convenient shell. You can take it with you on vacation. Most importantly, remember that he rolled the roll of the moving side out and stored in that condition.

I slide aerobics a lot in common with aerobics on the cycle (a cycle is a special exercise bike for an intense cardio). The same high-intensity cardio training, the same continuous working large muscle groups. In addition, as the cycle, the slide provides a bumpless load. On the slide you do not have neither jump nor run. You slide without lifting the foot from the Board. The sliding velocity can be quite high. But this should not scare you. In the slide the Board clearly thought out braking system: both sides of the rim, which stops stop.

Slide aerobics is especially recommended for people with problematic coordination, as well as those who seriously suffer from excessive weight. The fact is that fat people bad jump and run – heart, leg and foot badly overloaded. And on the slide they will be able to deal mercilessly with fatty deposits, not injuring yourself. But to kill the pounds is not the only task of the slide. You can also stock up and power – alternates cardio with strength exercises. By the way, the load on the slide so strong that it is very difficult to endure forty-five minutes (that’s how much it usually lasts one standard lesson). The maximum operating time on the slide for 30 minutes. During this time, burned 250 calories. For convenience, before training on a slide Board over the sneaker wear special socks. In the skin of the foot becomes the moving, and move from side to side much easier. And indeed to ride in special socks is more practical and hygienic. It is important that the sneaker was reinforced toe and a wide, stable base. Outerwear can be either cotton, synthetic, but definitely easy and convenient. No need to wrap up in a hundred clothing items, hoping thus more to lose weight through sweating. So your body will lose fluid, not fat. As the cycle, the slide can be practiced in the group and at home. However, before proceeding to the home training, you need to take a few personal lessons from a competent coach. He’ll give you a technique will form the programme of action. Remember: exercising at home, you need on a monthly basis to update the program with the help of an instructor.

To engage on the slide is interesting and hard – after five minutes of loading the sweat is pouring down hail. But if you want to quickly achieve significant results, the slide will help you. It is suitable for those seeking variety and has an undying optimism, who wants to lose 5-15 kg or 5-15 cm in the waist and hips, as well as all those who are dissatisfied with their proportions. However, the slide aerobics is quite trauma-threat training. So if you have problems with knees and spine, before the start of classes, please consult your physician. Those who are just beginning to engage the slide aerobics, frequent sprains. That is why beginners should not start training yourself. At least you must pass a basic course of training under the scrutiny of the instructor.

Slide aerobics is often recommended during rehabilitation after injuries. for cruciate ligament reconstruction, and ankle.

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