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18 ways to ease tooth pain crying, sex, physical activity, aspirin, rinse, whiskey


Toothache is a lot of anxiety. It hurts when you smile or frown, eat or drink when you squeeze or release the jaws when you move your head in any direction. Sometimes it hurts, even when you breathe, because the cold air rushes into the mouth and passes over the sensitive tooth.

Toothache can be a symptom of several diseases, says the dentist Philip D. corn from Philadelphia. The pulp (“nerve”) of your tooth or gums around sensitive canines can be infected. It may be rotting molar tooth, it could

be a cracked tooth. Or you may smell from the mouth. But the pain may just be due to irritation from a piece of food stuck between teeth, ” adds Jerry F. Taintor, a dentist from the University of Tennessee. Or it could be a negative consequence of inflammation of the nasal sinuses.

Definitely can only say dentist. Although, before you see, you will want to stop the pain. Here’s how.

“Opolaskivayte” your toothache. Type a mouthful of water having a temperature of the body, and rinse, says Dr. Taintor. If severe pain is caused by trapped food, a thorough rinsing may remove the problem.

Carefully clean the thread. If rinsing doesn’t help, you can try to get a piece of food stuck between the teeth, using the thread, says Dr. Taintor. Be careful, you’ll hurt your gums.

Make anesthetic “prick”. Hold it over a sore tooth big gulp of vodka or whiskey, says Dr. corn. Your gums will absorb some amount of alcohol, and from this the tooth will be numb. The rest is spit out.

Gargle salt water. After each meal and before bedtime mix in a Cup with 1 teaspoon of salt with 250 g of water (again with body temperature), says Dr. corn. Every SIP hold it in your mouth, rinse, spit.

Try a hand massage. It can be 50% to ease the pain when a sore tooth. RUB the ice cube (or finger) in a V-shaped area where the bones of the thumb and index finger (this is the Eastern element of reflexology ). Gently push jerks ice on the area for 5-7 minutes.

Canadian researcher PhD Ronald Melzack in their study found that ice massage on 60-90% facilitated toothache from people who have tried to apply it. His research shows that the effect of this procedure is based on the fact that the friction impulses are sent along nerve routes, where the norm is transmitted toothache. As these ways may at times perform only one signal, friction displaces the pain.

Massage the ear. When the pain on the left side of the jaw grip the thumb and forefinger of the left hand at the upper edge of the ear. Massage your ear, gently squeezing it between your fingers in the direction from below upwards, for about 3 minutes. Pain on right side massage in the same way the right ear. The same massage can be done with the ear lobe.

Lubricate the clove oil. People for years have used this tool, available commercially, says dentist Richard Shepard from Colorado. Sprinkle a little on a tooth or lightly dip a cotton swab and apply the elixir to the tooth. By the way, and most dentists use clove oil for therapeutic pads in the cavities and to fill the root canals of the tooth.

Do not bite. “If the toothache is caused by air getting on the tooth, try not to use this area when you eat”, says Dr. corn. If there’s no damage, the rest of the tooth to return it to viability.

Suck on an ice cube. “Treat sick place, like any good bruise, with ice”, says Dr. corn. Apply ice on the aching tooth or on the adjacent cheek for 15 minutes at least 4 times a day.

Be attentive to your teeth

“If you can’t even touch the tooth, it’s a pain”, says the dentist Roger P. Levin, ” but if the tooth only reacts to heat or cold, then this problem is related to sensitivity”.

More than 40 million Americans have a “tooth sensitivity”, and it begins when the exposed dentin under the tooth enamel is usually at the level of the gums.

Dentin can crop up due to age, diseased gums, surgical and too hard when brushing your teeth coarse pastes and solid brushes (!).

Dentist Philip D. Korn recommends commercially available toothpaste made specifically for people with sensitive teeth, with applied soft nylon brush (labeled soft ). Such toothpastes are “Sensodyne” (“Sensodyne”), “promise” (“Promis”), “protect” (“Protect”), “Thermodent” (“Thermodent”) and “Denkmal” (“Denquel”).

And when You first noted the sensitivity, this is a good reason to go to the dentist, to make sure that you have no other problem.

Keep your mouth closed. If the problem creates the cold air passing by of the tooth, then shut off the current.

Or keep your mouth open. Sometimes a toothache can be from the fact that the person is not quite correct bite. “And in this case, ” says Dr. Levin, as seldom as possible cover your mouth until, until you see the dentist”.

Swallow the aspirin. “don’t believe it the old fashion way, when aspirin is applied directly on the gums, which hurt. This can cause aspirin burn, ” says Dr. Taintor. — To ease the pain take aspirin orally every 4-6 hours as needed”.


Do not give aspirin or any other medicine containing salts of salicylic acid, persons under 19 years of age, unless recommended by your doctor. The fact that these drugs bind the occurrence of Reye’s syndrome – a condition that can be life-threatening.

Do not use heat. “Keep the heat away from the patient’s cheeks, even in toothache decreases, ” warns Dr. Korn. — If it is an infection, the heat will pull it to the outer face of the jaw and will further worsen the condition”.

Have a good cry. Swedish dentists have found that the reduction in pain sensitivity when crying can be explained by the drop in blood pressure in the gums. Tearing can cause the vapours of onions.

Have sex! Sex is an effective remedy for toothache. This is the conclusion reached by the Czech doctors, according to the newspaper “news”. Active intimate life, in their opinion, greatly weakened, and even completely relieves toothache. Contacts of this kind also have a positive impact on the quality of tooth enamel.

The reasons for these incredible results doctors also explain: sex, first, promotes the production of endorphins – the so-called “happy hormones”. And they, among many effects, and have analgesic properties. In addition, the sex is as intense physical activity, improves blood circulation in the body, including in the mouth. This makes for a more healthy gums and prevents many dental problems.

Go to the gym

A few brave men and women decided to participate in the experiment associated with physical pain. French researchers wanted to find out what is the effect of exercise on pain sensitivity.

The subjects were squeezing his fingers in a special device after a half-hour training and at rest.

It turned out that after the load threshold for pain is significantly reduced. So if you are going to visit the dentist, go first to the gym.

You must learn to deceive your nerve endings.

This can be done very simply, is to switch zones hemispheres of the brain, i.e. to force the brain to make a mistake, so that the nerve endings and their switches are reversed. In practice, it looks like that – makes for a little while left-handed or right-handed, i.e. change your habits with the exact opposite. This applies to everything, all habitual actions. For others it is enough from any dental pain for 15-20 minutes to wear watches on their right hand instead of the left, and a wedding ring on the left instead of the right.

They say that a stunning effect, will give a try to write something different, unfamiliar hand. In General, opportunities to experiment are endless.

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