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The beneficial properties of dates. Contraindications


Wrong will be the one who decides that sold us the dates – dried fruit. derived from traditional African fruit. There, in Africa, dates rip off the trees in the same form in which they are used we are cured and sufficiently dry. After that, they only sorted out in order to remove a tainted fruit, and Repack. All that parcel to the North is ready.

Some are of the opinion that the dates you can replace the entire diet. Well, absolutely all, including meat and bread. Known living yoga and already dead saints, sung in the Scriptures and fed for many years, only

dried dates and water.

Perhaps this is true. The composition of fruits of the date palm is really extremely rich and can satisfy many needs of the human body. But to such extremes, as panicoideae, it is better not to go. But like a good variety of diet dates, useful properties which will be of good service to the body, use is even possible. Especially in our cold country where they are though cheap but exotic. And with regular inclusion in the diet of dates will benefit our health.

The dates as a universal product

Tamarind is extremely interesting for its vitamin composition: more than 10 different vitamins contained in its flesh. This complex is not present in many even more popular fruits or berries .

Among the vitamins that are included in the chemical composition of dates, – B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, vitamin C and provitamin a, vitamins D, K and PP. This useful complex of biologically active substances allows the fruit to effectively improve the condition of many organs and systems.

So, vitamin b-complex supports metabolism and affects the brain. Each of these vitamins has its own individual benefits. Vitamin B2. for example, necessary for healthy skin, nails and hair, in the course of participating in the production of red blood cells. Vitamin B9 is prescribed to patients with certain forms of anemia, and vitamin B5 is involved in the breakdown of fats and the production of certain hormones.

The vitamins C and A represent a protective complex in our body. The main use of these elements is that they they stimulate the immune system, increase the body’s resistance against various microbes and viruses. And besides, they are strong antioxidants and can reduce the likelihood of developing cancerous tumors.

In addition, the composition of dates is extremely nutritious. At least compared to other related fruits. Caloric dates – more than 200 kcal for each one hundred grams. That’s a lot, and the regular use of these dried fruits with a lack of physical activity will be enough to gain weight.

But at the same time and have benefits of dates based on their calorie – thanks to it they are a great tonic. No wonder that the sacks of dates were the only food in the Arab warriors in medieval wars: small portions of dried fruit with water was sufficient to support the forces and constant movement.

The dates are also rich in fiber. Thanks to her, these little dried fruits are actively used to improve digestion and fight constipation.

Useful properties of dried, will actively used in medicine for treatment and prevention of many diseases. And their effectiveness is in many cases was convincingly confirmed by medical research, which allowed doctors and nutritionists to include dates in many therapeutic diets.

Than useful dates

Otca to the question, what is the use of dates, it is first necessary to note the positive impact of small dried fruit on the cardiovascular system. Dates useful properties which due to their composition, has long been used in hypertension and anemia, for normalizing heart rhythm and treatment of diseases of the blood vessels.

This effect fruit as required vitamins and minerals. For example, the use of dried, will that same iron, magnesium and copper, necessary for normal hematopoiesis, in their composition contains more than most other fruits. Only 10 dried dates in a day – enough to provide the body’s need for these items.

And vitamin PP in collaboration with pectin regulate the level of cholesterol in blood, preventing the development of atherosclerosis. And potassium helps to stabilize blood pressure and improve the heart muscle, which has a positive impact on the condition of patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

But one of the most useful properties of dates is their beneficial effect on the organs of the urogenital system. Both women and men.

Known benefits of dates during pregnancy – it is recommended to eat in the last months and before birth. There are important vitamins and some biologically active ingredients that have a relaxing effect and help ease pain during childbirth.

The beneficial properties of dates for men is widely known – they cause a surge of strength and lead to increased potency. Even on sperm production these fruits impact due to the large amount of zinc. No wonder that in African countries the dates are often used as an aphrodisiac.

Harm dates

But no one is without sin. And dates also have their drawbacks. Most of them are associated with the sweetness of the fruit. The sugar contained in the composition, make the fruit of the date palm taboo sweets for those who suffer from diabetes. This same sugar is bad for the condition of the tooth enamel, despite the active work of fluorine. Dates, the harm of which is the increased content of these sugars in the composition, with an unbalanced diet can assist in the development of obesity.

So all in all dates is a sweet reward for healthy. In the body of those who regularly and in large quantities is moving, watching the diet and figure, these little dried fruits only support health and good condition of the whole organism. So be healthy and eat dates.

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