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The territory of Fitness” expands opportunities for a healthy lifestyle


Sports. simulators 14 March 2015 opening ceremony of the club “site Fitness Zhulebino”. The club is located on three levels and covers a huge space of 5,000 sqm 4 pools, gym, cardio, Studio cycle, yoga, Pilates, martial arts room and a Boxing ring with an Olympic-standard, functional training area – it has everything for a productive and comfortable workout. This is a unique […]

The club is located on three levels and covers a huge space of 5,000 sqm

4 pools, gym, cardio, Studio cycle, yoga, Pilates, martial arts room and a Boxingring with an Olympic-standard, functional training area – it has everything for a productive and comfortable workout.

This is a unique project in which it works on the result: the latest technology in the fitness industry, personal approach, exclusive programs, exceptional service and years of experience coaches

Tech equipment

Network the Territory of Fitness” selected Life Fitness as its strategic partner. Within the cooperation the company Life Fitness has delivered innovative equipment for strength, cardio and functional training in existing clubs, as well as a fully equip them with all new clubs network. “Fitness” in Zhulebino fully equipped with Life Fitness machines and Hammer Strength is the single-brand club.

In the cardio fitness equipment installed Elevation series multimedia consoles Discover. They allow each user to make individual training, designing your own training program that provides high motivation training process.

Official Hammer Strength center

In the area of strength training equipment has been installed Hammer Strength. Given the trajectory of motion of Hammer Strength equipment Select conform to the laws of biomechanics and will provide security even to those who first came in the room. These machines ensure the efficiency of work on the development of muscles, and their workload will satisfy advanced users. The simulators are tagged with QR codes. Scan them in the app Life Fitness LFconnect, the clients will receive access to how to use each machine.

For advanced users or those working with a personal trainer, provided the area of free weights, Hammer Strength’s most powerful weightlifting racks, designed for maximum load.

In the power zone and have the Hammer Strength equipment MTS series, with the technology of asynchronous motion Iso-Lateral®. They allow for independent movement with different weights for arms and legs.

Teamwork for the benefit of each participant

In the schedule area of the Fitness Zhulebino” presents numerous popular worldwide fitness trends. During the Grand opening of the club coaches demonstrated how group exercise classes. Guests could appreciate how bright and fun to the workout.

Due attention is paid to functional development. For this type of training allotted a large space of the hall. Intensive work is provided by the presence of the complex Synrgy360 functional training.

Light and airy even becomes crowded advantage: energy increases, there are no restrictions of freedom of movement – there is enough for all.

Club clients will be available and mastering martial arts. Professional trainers teach techniques of Boxing, kickboxing, self-defense, wrestling and Sambo.

Exclusively for personal coaching and lessons designed Studio mind&body. Here classes antigraviti yoga and Pilates. It should be noted that the Pilates training is conducted in group format, but special equipment (reformer Peak Pilates) is only used in the Studio.

“The waters” of a new club

Especially proud of the new club “Fitness center” was the water complex. This Olympic swimming pool with six lanes, a children’s pool, ice cold plunge pool and SPA-pool. The club also operates a swimming school for children.

The recreation area includes a Finnish and Turkish sauna where you can unwind after practice.

Programs that motivate

Alexander Kalmykov, CEO clubs “Fitness”, sees the company’s mission to provide opportunities for fitness: “can Not but rejoice that sport in our country is finally gaining momentum. People started to pay significant attention to health, to choose active, to eat right. And our main mission is to give more and more opportunities for the development of this trend. My principled position that “Fitness” is a socially oriented project.”

In the “Fitness center” the program “Lose weight together”. It is aimed at correcting weight without stress to the body. The competition is between teams of the club, and scores for weight reduction of the whole team.

“Fitness” has become a platform for preparing for delivery standards TRP. They adapted to the average resident, attend fitness club 2-3 times a week. For participants in the TRP program is a flexible system of discounts, which is an additional incentive to take standards and being on the podium in the overall standings.

Health for the future generation

The desire to help people live a healthy lifestyle extends to the “Fitness center” and on the younger generation. The direction of the “Children’s fitness”, will give kids a variety of experiences and emotions. Game mazes, creative workshops, Board games – all for organizing educational, and special gaming programs. Parents can leave the children responsible and experienced teachers and concentrate on training.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle, “Fitness” is implementing the idea of the availability of physical culture in each of their projects.

Soon the new club network will appear near the metro station Bratislavskaya in Moscow and Cheboksary. “Fitness” expands the scope of its activities to give the joy of training at the highest level even bigger number of people.

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