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  Lifestyle during pregnancy You are pregnant! It really is the happiest period in Your life. What needs to change in your life, so as not to harm the baby,…

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A healthy body and perfect figure
  You read fashion glossy magazine and decided to buy myself a blouse (t-shirt, jeans, top) as the model? Well, if Your figure is as perfect as the cover girl.…

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The benefits of swimming in the pool


We all know that movement is life, so sooner or later the question arises — what movement to and choose which sport to choose. Many people choose a cruise which largely compares favorably with other sports.

Ladies who wish to lose weight, choose aerobics, those who want to increase flexibility — stretching, those who want to build muscle, go to the gym. If you aim is not only to bring the body in shape, but also to improve the condition, then swimming would be a great choice. It is not necessary to wait for summer, because you can join the pool.

The benefits of swimming in the pool is invaluable. Water treatment not only help to bring your body back to normal and make it more proportional, but also reduce the load on the support system to a minimum. The benefits of swimming in the pool is invaluable for women, because unlike the gym, it leads to the appearance of relief or excessive increase of muscles. Shape though and become more toned, but still feminine, and the legs more slender. With such forms and buying shoes Ricker wholesale or retail you will be irresistible. The benefits of swimming in the pool for the spine is also very large: even people with spinal cord injuries can exercise and strengthen the muscles of the back. As you know, in the water the human body becomes much easier, so the load on the spine becomes insignificant. Particularly desirable such classes in sedentary work, as they allow you to relieve tension of the muscles and normalize blood circulation. Cool water is a very good effect on the nervous system, so you will be able to order not only the body but also the soul.

If you decide to go swimming, you need to answer the question, why you need it. The benefits of swimming will be most noticeable only when you decide to practice. If you wish to improve the body, improve the condition of the spine and relax the muscles enough will be two visits to the pool per week, you can swim not very intensively, you can also just “lie” on the water. If your goal is to get rid of extra pounds, it is possible to go swimming need in a day for 1-2 hours, all the while vigorously floating. In most pools the water temperature is the same, but if you have the opportunity to choose, prefer warmer water. The low temperature will “scare” the organism the possibility of hypothermia, and he will not rush to part with fat. For toning the skin and strengthen the immune system is well suited to more cold water.

Swimming — this is the kind of physical activity that is very suitable for pregnant women. The benefits of swimming in a pool is very high, because strengthening the muscles of the abdomen and back, the expectant mother is able to rest and reduce the load on the spine. But use of the pool after 7 months of pregnancy is dangerous.

Learning what are the benefits of swimming, it is not necessary to run to the pool and immediately sign up, because it can be contraindicated. If you suffer from skin diseases or sensitive skin, chlorinated water will bring a lot of problems. Chronic, inflammation can also escalate, so you should wait a full recovery. Always wear rubber cap or tie your hair in a bun, so they do not get wet.

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