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Safe exercises for pregnant women


The second trimester of pregnancy, most women are exhausted by the exhaustion and morning sickness of the first trimester and part of the Golden period where they will feel good, be full of energy and their tummy will start to take on a rounded shape. Second trimester may be the perfect time to begin your fitness training during pregnancy, but you need to choose exercises that will be safe for you and your unborn baby. Consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

General information about exercises for pregnant women in the 2nd


How perfect for you or another exercise depends partly on your habits before pregnancy. If you played sports or were active in the lifestyle before you got pregnant, then most likely safe will continue to support the form in the second trimester of pregnancy. You may have to reduce the intensity and duration of practice, if in the 2nd trimester you will encounter fatigue, says Renee Jeffries, prenatal fitness consultant and co-author of “Fit to Deliver”, in the journal “Fit Pregnancy”. If you are just beginning to play sports, workout of moderate intensity, favorable for beginners — a good option for you.

Types of exercises for pregnant women in the 2nd trimester

According to the magazine “Fit Pregnancy”, some types of exercise can be safe during the second trimester of pregnancy. Yoga and Pilates will help you improve flexibility and strengthen major muscle groups. Water aerobics does not fray joints and safe, if you wear non-slip shoes to avoid slipping or falling in the pool. Cardio workout of moderate intensity, including walking, running outdoors and on a treadmill, generally safe for women in the second trimester of pregnancy. Weight training can be considered safe, if you avoid the gym, pressing on his stomach. Stick to those trainers, which control the amplitude of your movements to avoid injury to weakened joints.


Regardless of the exercises you will perform, it is important to ensure that during them you drink lots of water and eat a healthy diet throughout pregnancy, to ensure healthy growth of body weight, says Melina Jampolis — physician, nutrition specialist at . Listen to your body — you may be full of energy during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, but if you feel tired or stress, take a break and postpone the workout the next day.


Staying active during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, you can get some benefit for health, says Milena Jampolis. Women who do not forget to exercise in the 2nd trimester, are less likely to gain weight during pregnancy and reduce the risk of developing gestational diabetes. Workout will also help to prepare the body for childbirth, so that the birth of the baby and further recovery went a little easier. Milena says that some women who trained during the 2nd trimester, reported fewer aches and have fewer problems with insomnia.


Generally, exercise is safe during second trimester, but if you experience vaginal bleeding, convulsions, shortness of breath, chest pain or contractions, immediately stop exercising immediately and call an ambulance. Also, it’s a good idea to visit your doctor if you have swelling or pain in legs — this can be a sign of a blood clot.

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