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Clothes and shoes for salsa. Tips for beginners


Most likely, in the first month of training at our school dances salsa, bachatas or kiteboy you do not have to think about what do I need any special shoes or clothes for dance. The initial training program is quite simple and does not require any special equipment. But still better to do in shoes with a small heel and a relatively flat sole without rubber suction cups, what are some of the Shoe – otherwise it would be difficult to make turns. And the sound, you know, of such turns do get squeaky!

If you decide to seriously engage in social Latin dances, it is very

desirable to buy special dance shoes. These shoes can greatly affect Your progress in mastering turns, posture and General overall style of dancing. Agree, the girl in the elegant shoes-sandals and “Dr. Martins” on a thick platform – apparently these are very different people.

Sandals. For girls it’s highly recommended shoes for ballroom dancing – any sandals for Latinum, for the first time, better on a low heel. To train in such much easier than with the hairpin. It is more practical to choose normal, for training, and not sprinkled sequins – still from school quality. When choosing sandals, you should check that the tip of your thumb is not overhanging the edge of the sole. And remember, the higher the heel, the more time stretches leather shoes! The approximate cost of sandals for latina from 2500 to 4500 rubles. More expensive too. But why?

To give dance shoes durability and to increase its stiffness encouraged to contact “Shoe Repair” and ask them to put “prevention” – a thin rubber sole and heel to heel. Otherwise, if you will walk in those shoes to the club, quickly go broke. Once I was quite spoiled dance shoes, just arrived from the disco to the machine is not very good asphalt.

Shoes standard. Men may be ideal ballroom shoes for standard (i.e. for the European program of ballroom dancing), but in any case not latina! I repeat – for the standard program of ballroom dancing, on a low (no more than 3 cm) heel! Why to standard, you can easily understand by looking at the man strode in shoes for latina. On adult male in Latin dancing shoes, do not have special dance skills to look without tears it is impossible (and with tears not).

Gotowki-Snickers. A good alternative to both women and men’s ballroom shoes – gotowki-“Snickers” on the plastic sole. They look like running shoes, but with one major difference – the sole is flat and they split in half with a fabric insert that allows for maximum flexibility of the foot. This is a very comfortable shoes, can be used for warm-UPS and dance classes and trips to discos (salsa parties).

For girls it is less versatile since I assume, of course, the wearing of trousers, while shoes may be worn either with pants or with a skirt. However, no rules here. This, in the end, it’s just your personal taste. The cost of such Gazovik about 2500 rubles and above.

Gotowki leather sole. This kind of shoes is very suitable to practice salsa style new York (Salsa NY) or Los Angeles (LA Salsa). Moreover, equally for both men and women. These shoes gives you the feeling of a “soft foot”, it is very good at spin, and not so tired foot as the heel, which is especially important if you are going to dance to the disco for a few hours. And of course it provides much greater protection for a woman’s feet than sandals. This, you see, important factor!

But actually, the special shoes for salsa – it’s not the shoes from the “special store”. It’s just the shoes that meet the special requirements for dancing: not to fall off legs to bend and not to hamper the movements of the foot, good enough to slide soles on the floor to get a rotation, and not too hard to slide on the floor, so as not to fall. And of course it would be good if she looked more or less pleasant. It just so happened that the shoes that meet all these requirements simultaneously easier to find a dance store than anywhere else.

Dance stores in Moscow

For example, several close to each other located stores dance clothing and shoes is near metro Novokuznetskaya. Arriving in Novokuznetsk, you can design the route so that the hour and a half to dance around all these shops in one day.

Gala Waltz” – clothes and shoes for dancing.

“Esta-Dance – apparel, shoes mainly for Bannikov, credit cards accepted, summer sales!

“Isadora” – approximately the same range as in este, maybe a little cheaper.

“Debut” is also within walking distance from Novokuznetsk.

Aida – dance shoes from the manufacturer.

“Fox Dance” – all for Bannikov.

“Sansha” – I recommend, the coolest sneakers in the center of Moscow!

“Duet” is a good choice of shoes, 10 minutes walk from Kurskaya metro station.

“Grishko” – recently more and more frustrating prices, but on Pushkin. )

American Dance Shoes – beautiful and comfortable dance shoes, online store. In Moscow a showroom. It’s highly recommended.

This is not a complete list of stores, but rather those who, for one reason or another, I myself prefer. For example, though very pleasant clothing is in. (Danza ), but still in there I would not advise you to go. Except to marvel at the prices, but feel the design delights. ) But if you don’t find a store from the list, then maybe you’ll find something close to home.

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