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Manual to the treadmill for dog
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Contraindications to yoga people can’t do yoga


Like any type of gymnastics, yoga not useful for everyone. They have their strict contraindications.

Asanas of yoga is absolutely impossible to perform (without prior consultation with the doctor) when:

– mental illness, especially schizophrenia and propensity to psychosis, with the exception of depression: with depression yoga can be useful; but it is better to consult a doctor);

– in all acute diseases of internal organs (e.g., exacerbation of pancreatitis or cholecystitis, appendicitis, etc.);

– for inguinal hernias;

– at a significantly high blood pressure, hypertension stage 2-3; with greatly increased intracranial pressure;

– in severe heart lesions, severe ischemic disease; in the first 3-6 months after myocardial infarction;

–in paroxysmal tachycardia, atrial fibrillation; aortic aneurysm and uncompensated heart disease;

– in the first 6 months after stroke;

– infectious lesions of the joints: for example, infectious or reactive arthritis;

– in severe traumatic brain injuries and traumatic spinal injuries (fractures the bones of the spine in the stage of decompensation);

– infections of the brain or spinal cord;

– in malignant tumors (i.e. cancer or sarcoma);

– in severe diseases of the blood;

– they cannot be done immediately after operations on the abdominal cavity and the thorax (need to wait 2-3 months);

– for colds and flu, elevated body temperature;

– when pregnancy is at term from 3 months and above; in the first 3 months after birth;

– women in the critical days of classes is also better to skip ;

– if you have arthritis of the hip and knee joints, coxarthrosis and gonarthrosis (but exercise of Reasonable yoga in these diseases, the opposite – useful);

– when damage to the menisci (but exercise of Reasonable yoga . on the contrary, accelerate the recovery of injured menisci);

– when the intervertebral disc herniation (herniation of the spine);

– when listtag (stair displacements of the vertebrae);

– when hypermobility syndrome, that is the apparent laxity of the joints and spine, too many asanas can be harmful (but exercise of Reasonable yoga in this syndrome, the opposite – useful);

– when radicular syndromes (diseases of the spine in which pain from the neck or lower back by nerve root shoots into the arm or leg);

– of course, it is impossible to do asanas in the period of aggravation of any disease, without addressing the pre-acute pain (especially pain in the neck or lower back);

– yoga is also better to stop in if after every yoga class you have there is a deterioration of health, and such trouble continues over and over again, no matter how much you do – then either you are doing something wrong or contraindicated yoga you in principle; in this case, talk about the benefits of training with a doctor and consult with your yoga instructor about what needs to change in your personal practice of yoga.

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