Cross-country skiing classic fitness
  Cross-country skiing belongs to cyclic sports. This means that the skier repeatedly repeats the same motion, and his body is functioning with sufficient supply of oxygen, in aerobic mode.…

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Genetic markers for resistance athletes to physical loads
  1. State scientific institution "Institute of genetics and Cytology of NAS of Belarus"; 2. RSPC "Mother and child" MOH; 3. Si "Republican centre of sports medicine," the MCIT Republic…

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Nordic walking

Then one day, while strolling in the Park in summer “Olympic” near Voronezh, I noticed a group of people of different ages who moved together as skiers with poles in their hands. At that time I was not yet aware that there is such a special type of walk called Finnish, Norwegian or Scandinavian. Sometimes called North. Curious was different. For me it was not clear the following – because skiers are not young. For just a rest – like that too together they went. Then it became clear – this is a special group to study this type of walk. Great, thought. It’s a great way of spending time and additional stress moderate type for the body. And

able to do almost all age groups. And then, when a more detailed analysis of this kind of exercise, for some reason I remembered the “Swedish” ladder.

Imagine that You don’t know what is “Swedish” ladder. In the 19th century no one knew what it was. Now You will not find anyone who doesn’t know what it is.

But the very idea of Swedish ladder appeared to people in Sweden become healthier. State Sweden in the late 19th and early 20th century have developed such a simple device sports home. Simple crossbar on two parallel boards attached to the wall.

So just recently in our country there is a method called Finnish, Nordic or Nordic walking. Or Swedish walk. However, by itself, the type of walk of this type appeared in the middle of the last century. Skiers not to lose its shape in the summer started to walk with ski poles. The method is very simple. You go, using the simplest tools – sticks that help You move. Such a simple reception You can get a lot more than simple walking. And with this You not only get pleasure from walking, but also have expressed through your body. You just move, helping your hands to push off from the ground using sticks of special design. A little later we’ll talk more about the positive effect that gives Scandinavian or Nordic walking with sticks. Now, it’s possible that over time, Nordic walking will all also known as the name “Swedish” ladder. And it depends on us, people with an active lifestyle or just curious and those who wish to become a little bit healthier.

You know, very often when dealing with people the question: “whether people after 35-40 years Jogging?” My answer in this situation – no. Especially if there is some complaint on the part of the spine. But walking at a moderate workload, please. After all, when running, there is additional load on the already worn-out vertebrae and intervertebral discs. They are additionally blurred and compressed. Especially not recommend to run in the mornings. Jogging is even possible, but pronounced running long distance is more likely to be harmful than beneficial.

Nordic walking

Along the way, I want to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that there are a variety of walking, which further eases the load on the spine. Because the basis of my methodology and simulator NT-01 is the maximum relaxation of the spine with its further strengthening through certain exercises.

Nordic walking enables a person to gain a lot:

1. By increasing your physical activity You will normalize your body weight.

2. For your body motions performed by the technique of Nordic walking, will help to restore the function of many joints. After all the joints have no blood vessels. Metabolism in them is due to the so-called vacuum pump. Compressive and tensile joint is sucked and squeezing the liquid, which is the main physiological mechanism of the joint.

3. The load of this type will increase in the body the occurrence of many important processes. One of the major advantages of this walk is the decrease of glucose level in the blood. All professionals have long known that during exercise there is a rapid uptake of glucose by cells. So if you have diabetes or are at high risk of its development, do Swedish walk and perhaps diabetes will disappear or not appear at all.

4. During this walk we are involving all the muscles of the body. It is very important for sedentary occupations. Office workers, clerks, etc., etc.

5. Due to the smooth and gradual stress on the bones strengthening bone tissue. And this is the prevention of osteoporosis.

6. Nordic walking as a form of physical exercise boosts immunity, reduces the risk of many diseases.

7. And most importantly, that Nordic walking is a very pleasant thing. The man lifted the mood, reduced stress and tension with all the ensuing consequences.

And this is not a complete list of advantages of Nordic walking technique. Among all the possible advantages – the most important is the increased energy expenditure compared to regular walking. Because moving and also hands.

Thus, this type of moderate physical activity leads to the fact that practically the majority of existing chronic diseases, thanks to the walk of this type reduces the severity of their symptoms. Those people who are acquainted with this method, I noticed another important feature. After walking for 30-40 minutes a very nice stay and do more stretching exercises.

In our country there are people who understand the importance of caring about their health. Recently, I was fortunate to meet amazing people from Belgorod. They are representatives of the health club “Golden Pheasant”. Worthy of great respect, the club’s chief Executive, Eugene V. Samatova. It was thanks to his initiative and activity of Nordic walking appeared in Belgorod.

It would be very good to the clubs of this type have appeared throughout the country. After all, how important not just to talk about the possibilities of walking, but also in practice to help people to walk according to the technique of Nordic walking.

This highly effective technique of restoring health allows you to engage in almost any time of year using specially made sticks. This is perhaps one of the few methods for fast and easy restoration of health for a long time.

Age, gender, physical fitness to practice the walk is not important.

According to followers of this direction, this is very effective retraumatize and pleasant.

In just 60 minutes you can spend up to 500-600 calories!

Although the walk is a simple affair, but the maximum benefit will be if you will be doing in the group.

In Belgorod classes are held in groups, classes are conducted by experienced instructors.

Register for classes by phone 8-910-325-07-56 (Eugene).

Special Finnish sticks can be rented or purchased immediately.

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