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Morning exercises for data


The benefits of morning exercise for kids

Morning exercises for kids is not just a set of easy to perform exercises available, but a real godsend for parents who want their child to lead a healthy lifestyle. Even in the word “charging” is founded on a positive meaning, because these exercises are capable to charge a little energy for the whole day!

Fun exercises for kids will help your baby to Wake up faster, because a simple warm-up exercises tend to saturate the body with oxygen. Children’s exercises strengthens the muscles, allowing the baby to stay in good physical shape. Simple and interesting exercises for morning exercises for kids turns into a kind of magical ritual that will symbolize a successful and positive start of the day.

Even the simplest exercises for children helps them to develop motor skills and hand coordination, while also providing the kids a good mood and vivacity for the whole day. Experts in child development believe that children morning exercise helps students to increase the level of brain activity, and thus leads to good progress in their studies. Also, the exercises will get rid of excess weight in children .

Daily exercise to charge for children are taught as a child to get used to an active lifestyle and take care of your health, and parents do not have to face a situation when their children are in their Teens will want to try a cigarette or alcohol. From the first years of the kids engaged in morning exercises for children, will present how valuable health is.

Another advantage of charging for children is the fact that it contributes to the development of the child’s persistence. The kid from an early age begins to realize that there are things that must be done in order to be able to live a full and active life. Parents need to explain to your baby what exercise is to charge for children is also necessary, as regular brushing. washing, taking a shower and restroom.

Rules for conducting child charge

I should start with a little exercise you can with the time he will learn to confidently walk and run, but more often parents administered in a daily schedule of the child children’s exercises from the age of about 3 years. It was at this time the kids already understand the need and easily enjoy any physical activity, so learning simple gymnastics gymnastics is usually not difficult.

One of the main rules of morning exercise for children is the active participation in this process parents. Young children readily repeated for mother and father any movement, so in the first few months be sure to do the exercises with them.

The time required for a good workout child from 10-15 to 30 minutes. It is exercise for this period of time will provide the maximum benefit to strengthen the muscular frame of the baby. However, parents should remember not to immediately demand from the baby this endurance athlete: if after ten minutes of exercise baby gets tired and loses the enthusiasm to continue the practice, for the first time can be limited to exactly ten. If the kid likes the process, the children of charging can be increased, however, it is necessary to observe the physical condition of the child that he is not overworked. The purpose of morning exercise is not training for a sports marathon, but only support the body in good shape, should be aware of this. Do not forget that a good tool for children also is a gymnastics .

Conduct morning exercises for children in a well-ventilated room, and in the warmer months exercises can be done even on the street. A great option would be a combination of physical exercises with the special simple breathing techniques which parents can read in the literature. This is necessary to improve the respiratory system of the child, because at an early age she is still not functioning perfectly correctly.

Fun exercises for children can be combined with the easy learning: for example, during the execution of exercises to learn with the child account, rhythmic poems and funny songs. You can charge your favourite music with the baby, and at the end of a complex of physical exercises to offer him just a little dance, making this a good warm up the muscles.

Exercises for charging for children

As exercises for children charging will suit absolutely any warm-up movement, the main thing – not to make them too complex, because otherwise the baby will be difficult to remember them, and he will quickly get tired of their implementation.

Be sure to start your morning exercises with ordinary walking. Enough to go from 30 seconds to a couple minutes. You can then make jumps in place 10-20 times. This helps your baby to warm up faster.

After a light workout, go standing exercises. We should start with slow head rotation clockwise, and then counter – clockwise for 3-5 circles in each direction. Hands the baby should lie on his belt.

The next step is to warm up the shoulders. To perform the exercise the fingers to the shoulders and puts you rotate hands back and forth. Enough to make the rotation to 5 times in each direction, however, you can increase the number of repetitions and up to ten.

Another important exercise for morning exercises – tilts. The hands of the child should lie on his belt. Tilts are performed in each of the parties of 8-10 times, then back and forth. If the baby is already not the first time – you can add the forward bends with the touch of your hands or your fingers floor.

You should not disregard the simple and basic but effective exercises for charging: squats, jumping, legs swinging back and forth and to the sides. If a fun exercise for children is held with pupils of elementary grades, you can add more complex exercises depending on the physical training of the child: push-UPS, elements of kickboxing, swallow standing on one leg.

Some kids may enjoy the exercise of Wushu basic techniques of stretching (stretching), various dance steps or the simplest yoga asanas. Most importantly, the control by parents over the process of implementation of the baby unknown movements to avoid possible injury or excessive overtraining.

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