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Quick muscle recovery after a workout. 9 factors


Muscle growth is not happening during exercise, and during recovery. Rapid recovery of muscles after exercise will accelerate muscle growth and increase physical strength. Therefore, the impact of recovery on the result you need to consider in the first place and thus build a training program .

9 factors affecting rapid recovery of muscles after exercise

1. The magnitude of loads.

Physiological resources of the human body is not unlimited. You need to understand that for muscle growth no longer means better. The amount of training and rest time between them must be selected individually in accordance with the capabilities of the organism.

If there is actually some muscle growth, as a rule, affected by the lack of rest. In General the reference point in figure 7-8 days – a break between the heavy training large muscle groups.

2. The time spent in training.

Than training the shorter the better. If its too long, then there is a complete emptying of glycogen, which does not have time to recover until the next time. On your next workout fatigue will come much faster.

It is considered best to hold classes lasting up to 45 minutes. During this time, you can get an intense workout and not completely exhausted.

This is the main factor quick muscle recovery after a workout. Athletes who train intensively sleep can not be neglected. For rest it may need more than the average person. No need to confine yourself in it. If necessary, extend the time spent in bed at night or to add to your mode for an hour or two NAP .

4. Aerobic workout.

Wanting to build muscle, you can try to eliminate all other types of physical activity. This may be partly true for skinny ectomorph, which is very difficult to gain weight. But still, if you carefully include in its mode of aerobic exercise, you can feel their advantage.

First of aerobics helps burn fat. That is allows you to be in shape all year, not just before a competition.

Secondly aerobic exercises to develop endurance. train the cardiovascular system. For the serious trainee bodybuilder this will allow for more intense workouts with iron and to maintain heart health, which negatively affected the modes in which it operates during classes at the gym.

5. Food.

Muscle growth occurs in the presence of adequate protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Natural food is the basis of nutrition bodybuilder. Different protein supplements, amino acids are only an addition to the usual correctly balanced diet.

The balance of power should include the intake of 25-30% protein, 55-60% carbohydrates and 10-15% fat.

6. Calorie content.

The balance of nutrients important thing, but if the total daily caloric content is too small, then the growth can be forgotten. Roughly speaking, we should eat more than wasting energy in your daily activities, there must be some surplus. About should be targeted, what the caloric intake per day should be at least 3-3,5 thousand calories. But it is individual and depends on body weight and physique. Skinny ectomorph most likely need to eat more than well-fed endomorph.

The more stress the worse the recovery and muscle growth. Should avoid them, be more cheerful in any situation. No harm will use methods of self-hypnosis and meditation.

8. Balance.

For muscle growth are all important components of the training process. These are training, recovery, nutrition. Don’t need one to put above the rest. All important components and work on the result.

9. Bad habits.

Probably the most clear that a variety of bad habits that tomb health for the purpose of pumping useless. Alcohol and Smoking the bodybuilder should be avoided. You can list a bunch of negative factors from them, such as the excretion of water from the body (alcohol), the load on the cardiovascular system (Smoking). Quick muscle recovery after a workout and bad habits associated phenomena.

Serious sporting achievements (and muscle pumping significant size) is made possible by the availability of health so the choice is ours.

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