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Our recommendations Fitness treadmill


How to choose a treadmill?

For a correct choice it is necessary to understand what a treadmill is more suitable for your workouts.

Each treadmill is designed to offer ease of use in a wide range of speed through structural elements such as a moving canvas, the power of the engine. This directly affects the size of the track and its price.

What track is perfect for your workouts

The choice of your treadmill should correspond primarily targets your workouts: you practice a simple walk? Active walk? Jogging? Running? The combination of different types? For a correct choice it is necessary to understand what a treadmill is more suitable for your workouts.

From 1 to 8 km / hour, you gain experience in your walking workouts (from “slow” to “sports” walk). As of 8 km / hour, your practice goes to Jogging and then to running.

Path to walk more compact than a treadmill.

Track for walking and running offer a wide variety of exercises in any weather and at any time. With maximum safety and comfort for your joints.

Path to walk without motor

Protodioscin to walk without engine, moved by repulsive feet. For this reason, the blade is angled to facilitate movement. These tracks are lighter, but do not preclude the possibility to move on a horizontal surface. Smoothness is not always sufficient in some models, and, because of this, it may be dopolnitelnye load on the joints.

The walkway with the engine

The leaf of this path to walk is driven by a motor. So the fabric moves with constant speed, which the user installs itself (the minimum speed of 1 km/h). The advantage is twofold: the ability to move horizontally and with maximum comfort for the joints.


In the treadmill motor is always. Engine power is important, as it allows you to reach speeds from 1 to 16 km / hour. Depending on the prices, some tracks can be fitted with cardiopatici, measure the speed, can change the slope, as well as show the number of calories burned.

Recommended models


Knowledge of the technical characteristics and advantages of the treadmill will help you to choose the trainer is most appropriate for your training.

What characteristics provide what are the advantages of the simulator? Here are the different criteria that will help you choose the track that suits You.

The walking belt

The faster you walk or run, the wider your step. Consequently, the size of the canvas should fit your needs.

– For speed from 1 km / h to 6 km / hour, the size of the canvas 100cm x 40cm sufficient. The size of the track will be perfect podhodit practice walking.

For slow running or Jogging at a speed of 6-8km/h, the canvas size 120cm x 40cm will provide comfort during exercise.

– For speed of 10km/h, perfect canvas 130cm x 45cm.

The faster You run, The more powerful the engine should be at your treadmill. The engine power also depends on the maximum weight of the user (for example 100kg or 130kg). The appropriate engine capacity ensure continuous operation of the simulator. The first thing to discuss is the constant power engine (this is the power that the engine can give out continuously). The second is the peak power (the power that the engine gives from time to time, for example in an acceleration phase).


Depreciation also needs to fit your workouts: walking need magkos, providing comfort to your joints and gives a feeling of elasticity. During the run need enhanced cushioning for maximum repelling ability and dynamism and less energy loss.


It is not about the known functional features, which, however, can offer numerous benefits. The principle is to be able to change your practice, simulating running outdoors. The incline allows you to increase the load on the buttocks and thighs, as well as on the abdominal muscles. Also use the tilt feature allows to significantly increase the consumption of calories during the workout. So the slope of a 20% increase calorie consumption by 4 times. There are 2 types of tilt adjustment: manual adjustment (which requires to stop the track to adjust the tilt) and the automatic setting, which allows you to make changes in the process of trenirovki.


All panels show basic information: speed, distance, workout time, the approximate number of calories. Depending on the model, it is also possible the monitoring of cardiac frequency (note models supplied with a heart belt, for example VM 510). The differences models are the number of programs, the proposed compatibility (workout program, MP3) and readability of information (screen size, backlight)

The maximum weight of polzovatelya

Depending on model, maximum user weight can be from 100 to 130 kg. All trainers are designed for full nagruzke and maintain the stated maximum user weight, without violating safety standards.

Recommended models

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