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Training for a marathon diet


The Moscow Marathon is six weeks, and today I would like to talk about food — both at the marathon and in front of him. Nutrition plays such an important role in overcoming the distance that it must be taken care of. Even if during the previous weeks did you eat haphazardly, you still have time to make food his assistant.

The biggest mistake made by runners in terms of food is poor diet in General.

Most often it affects beginners, because understanding the importance of nutrition has not yet come, and the feeling of deserved rewards after the next run makes eat what you want. And want is usually sweet, fatty, harmful — what without running and would not justify. Complete with increased training appetite that often leads to weight gain during marathon training, even with a large amount of training. This increase slows down in the competition, so it is very important to learn to control your appetite and not to consume after Jogging a lot more calories than you spent.

Right now, for a month and a half before the contest, it is better to focus not on sweets and foods containing complex carbohydrates: whole grain cereals, bread, vegetables. If you do not have enough time to grab a bite after work or if you can’t eat right after a run when it is most beneficial for the body, replace regular food to sports. For instance, after Jogging, when you need to restore the stock carbs, don’t buy a chocolate bar — it is better to eat beforehand carbohydrate bar.

If for the current week you fall longest run for the entire training program, look at the miles on the marathon will be water and food, and try in the process of training to eat and drink over the same intervals . how will you do it on the marathon. Our bodies are not adapted to eat during significant physical activity. However, this does not mean that we can’t do it. Previously, there was a popular approach, which is recommended to consume plenty of fluids and high carbs during the race, to avoid exhaustion and dehydration. However, more than food or gels you eat, the higher the risk of stomach problems on the track. This is especially true of Breakfast before a marathon: you don’t have to eat for Breakfast more than you are used to — it will only hurt.

Before the actual marathon athletes often sit on a protein diet for several days to Deplete the glycogen stores in the muscles, and then, a day or two before the race, eat the carbs to stock up a “new” glycogen. It is quite an efficient approach, but there is another, suggested by Matt Fitzgerald. It is designed to teach your body to better burn fat before competitions — the competitions, it gives less fatigue and more energy. Matt offers a scheme whereby instead of protein diet you for about ten days, drink a lot (a little more than 60% of calories) saturated fat, and the last 2-3 days before a race loaded with carbohydrates.

What is recommended in the period of a diet high in fat:

— plenty of fresh, non-starchy vegetables and a small amount of fruit,

butter: butter, coconut, olive,

— sunflower seeds,

fatty sea fish,

— avocado,

— milk, yogurt and cheese with a normal fat content,

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