Morning exercises for data
  The benefits of morning exercise for kids Morning exercises for kids is not just a set of easy to perform exercises available, but a real godsend for parents who…

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Safe exercises for pregnant women
  The second trimester of pregnancy, most women are exhausted by the exhaustion and morning sickness of the first trimester and part of the Golden period where they will feel…

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Neskuchny ideas for fitnesa


In well-constructed training program must include a rest period — experts believe that the relaxation after sports activities are as important as the training itself. When serious exercise stresses muscle tissue get a lot of injuries, and the store of glycogen – glucose needed for power. [Read more]

At what pace to move to lose weight

Everyone knows that the most effective means in the struggle for a thin waist and beautiful figure is a physical activity and sport. Those who just want to start training, frequently asked question — at what pace you need to do to quickly lose those extra pounds. Most beginners consider this: the more active. [Read more]

Course for the summer: exercises for nice buttocks

Feminine hips and sexy buttocks – the dream and goal of every woman. To achieve this is not difficult. On the eve of the opening of the summer season “Lisa” offers a small set of exercises to firm and beautiful buttocks. Squat the Squat is easy, but one of the most effective exercises, the result after that. [Read more]

Step to the body: how to download the press

The stomach is one of the most problematic parts of the body not only in women but also most men. To the summer to get rid of unsightly folds that you “ate” during the winter to begin training your abdominal muscles now. “Lisa” tells you how to download the press to achieve the desired. [Read more]

How to lose weight, cleaning the house

During General cleaning can not only get rid of all the excess in the house, but also to lose weight. Let’s calculate the number of calories that you burn doing household chores! If you carefully wipe the dust in two rooms, you get rid of 80 calories. On wash basins and a bath will take at least 120 calories. Wash [Read more]

Exercises with a rope. How to jump

If going to the gym no time or funds to maintain a good physical shape will help ordinary jump rope. Classes with this projectile amazingly useful, they strengthen the respiratory and cardiovascular system, develop endurance, improve metabolism and promote weight loss. Specialists advise. [Read more]

What to do when a man doesn’t call?

You still remember that romantic evening when I met the most handsome and charming man, and look forward to his call? Even a few hours of waiting can feel like an eternity if you want to see the long-awaited event happened as soon as possible. Let’s digress from disturbing thoughts, and while he. [Read more]

Champion of the fruits. Use a banana for a snack after workouts

Any workout take a lot of energy and effort. After classes in the gym or the pool definitely need to replenish spent energy. You normal banana. This fruit is a champion in potassium content. And since during sports you lose with this microelement then you definitely need. [Read more]

Zumba — fun fitness!

Tired of boring and monotonous movements in fitness? Then a new kind of dance workout Zumba is what you need! Zumba is the so-called entertainment workout, combining strength training and dance moves. The basis of exciting program went easy salsa, Samba, flamenco, bachata I. [Read more]

How to make workouts more effective?

When you need to train your upper body, do it standing. So exercise give greater effect. You make work actively KOR, make use of additional muscle groups and increase functional strength. The fact is that when you push the dumbbells up without sitting, and standing, the muscles have to work more on that. [Read more]

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